Monday, May 5, 2014

Saying goodbye to the CCM (MTC)

Saying goodbye to the CCM was harder than I thought. I had gotten so close to all the 'hermanas' in my district. On the last Sunday guess who got to give a talk in sacrament... yep that would be me. It actually went really well and I felt a lot more confident in my Spanish. The next day we had to say goodbye to all the people we had met. That was sad. The CCM taught me a lot. In High School I kind of only hung out with one type of people but being at the MTC really taught me how to be friends with all different kinds of people.  I also learned that as a missionary I'm not only teaching people but they are teaching me too. Going to the airport was strange. It was so close to my house but still so far away. As soon as we got through security we ran to Cafe Rio. Of course my last meal in the USA had to be a cafe rio tostada with grilled chicken. I know I will never forget the crazy memories at the MTC and how we literally had a nick-name for every single person there. Goodbye good ol'  USA. 

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