Sunday, November 30, 2014

Well another good week in the mish.

I officially finished training Hermana Gonzalez. It was a good 3 months and we are going to be together another change. We don’t have changes but we are getting another companion. I don’t really know what she is going to be like or anything. They just told us that we are going to be in a trio so that should be interesting. Who really knows what it will be like. I’m kind of scared. When I heard that I was kind of mad but then president called me last night and told me that he had prayed a lot about this and that he is very excited for us. I feel a lot better also this means that I will be here in Esmeralda for Christmas. It should be good because it is the nicest are in the mission. A member gave us a pre-lit Christmas tree from Costco this week so that was in the Christmas spirit. I was stoked. 

As for the investigators and stuff things are still going good. This may be one of the hardest wards because the people all have money and work constantly. We are however working with a young woman named Lesley and we invited her to be baptized. She needs to start coming to church to complete with her baptism goal but the problem is that she is studying in a different town on Sundays so we need to work on that a little more. She is really cool she is like into extreme sports and stuff. Ha, she asked us if we wanted to go sky diving with her.. I was like I’m pretty sure that’s against the mission rules. 

I got my Christmas package this week and the elders in the offices called me and were like Hermana when you come to the district meeting come get your package we want to know what’s inside. Ha so I opened it up in the offices. Mom had some presents wrapped and when I went to the bathroom the elders hid all the presents. Crazy elders. After we had a zone meeting. It was interesting. We talked about being self-sufficient.

This week on Thursday we have a 70 coming to talk to us so it should be really fun and interesting. We have all these rules like we cant go to the bathroom during the meeting and we can’t hug him or kiss him. I was like well duh. I’m not gonna give the 70 a kiss. Ha. 

Today we played soccer again and also ping-pong. This week we got with another zone and my friend Hna. Orgill is in the other zone. She is doing well and is really happy. It was fun to see her. She told me that my Spanish has gotten a lot better so that was a definite plus. 

This week a member, Hna Blanca, came and accompanied us and she loves to talk and she was talking and talking and she told us that prophets have appeared to her in ghost form and have told her stuff. I really don’t know what to think about this but I just smiled and nodded. Bless her soul. 

Well other than that I left my journal at home so I kind of forgot what happened this week. But I love you all and Merry Thanksgiving.... 

xoxo han 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

8 Months in the Mission

Dang we just had a zone activity. We played soccer for 4 hours and then we ate pizza. My eyes are seriously closing I’m so tired. Bear with me if this isn’t the best email, ha. 

Well this week was a better then the past week so that was good.

We had intercambios with the Hermana Leaders and they were really good.  I spent the day with Hermana Rejon and it was really such day full of learning for me. I really felt like I learned so much in such little time. It was so fun to be with Hermana Rejon that day because we both had the same trainer so it was fun to see how we had both developed habits from Hermana Reyes.  We taught a women who didn’t believe that we lived with our Heavenly Father before but we reflected and used how to teach with power and by the end of the lesson she believed that yes, we did live with him before. It’s very cool to see how this way of teaching really works. At the end of the night we made hot coco. THANKS MOM FOR THE HOT COCO PACKAGE. Ha.

We also received a reference from a teenager in our ward and he told us that he had a friend that we could go visit.  We visited her on Tuesday and the lesson went really well. That morning we practiced the lesson and it went almost exactly how we practiced. Her name is Metsley and she doesn’t really know if God is real. She thinks that maybe people have just invented him in their minds to protect them selves. She told us that she wants to know thought, really. She told me that she has never felt the spirit in her life. She is an amazing person who genuinely wants to know.  I dedicated a lot of my personal study to how to know how to teach her better. We have a lesson with her this week so lets hope that she can feel the spirit. 

This week our goal was to contact 105 people sadly we only contacted 104. We were so so so close but we are going to contact 105 this week! Ha one day we were contacting in the bus and I was talking to this guy and he was just talking and talking and talking and wouldn’t let me talk. Ha we got to our stop and my companion got off the bus and I got up to leave and all of a sudden the door shuts right in my face. I was like AHHH no I’m alone. I’m alone in Mexico. Luckily I got off at the next stop and my companion was running my way. It was kind of weird to be alone but we were laughing so hard about it after. After we stopped by the offices and told all the missionaries there. The next day we had a district meeting and the spiritual thought was about always being with your companion. Everyone burst out laughing thanks to our little mishap this week. 

This week I’m going to complete 8 months in the mission. That is so weird. Like wut. 8 months. Ha, I feel good and happy in my mission. I feel like my relationship with my Heavenly Father has grown so much. I know he lives and I feel so blessed to be able to share that with people every day. I love you all and I hope that you guys are doing well. Know that you are in my thoughts and my prayers.

Hermana HAN

Friday, November 14, 2014

The whole family including the dog!

This week was a good and interesting one as usual. My companion and I bonded which was a blessing. 

Mom, I got your package from the office this week and I opened it right there and everyone was like watching me open it.  I shared some of the mints with them. Thank you so much, it made my week. Seriously, it was just what I needed. 

This week one of the less active families who we have been working with came to church. The whole family came which was so great because maybe one or 2 of them usually come but never the whole family. They all came including their dog Kelly, a chihuahua. Yep, the dog came to sacrament meeting and participated in the sacrament. I looked over and saw the dog eating the bread. I was like what, where am I right now? Ha. After the meeting I was talking to the mom of the family and she was like well our dog is Mormon also. I was like well good for them they are working on their family unity, right? Ha. 

As for Conchita, we helped her and she told us that she wants to come to church with us next week. Let’s hope that her cancer doesn’t keep her from coming to church. She is really so sweet she came to the relief society activity this week so that was a blessing for sure. 

Also another less active boy in our ward asked us if he could teach a class in church so we let him teach our gospel principals class. It went great and he told us that he wants to be the prophet, ha. He is a good kid. He is like 12 years old and he very well could be a prophet when he grows up, he is a great kid. 

Today we went to Costco. Ha, I felt like I was in America. It was so weird but yeah it was a good time. We went with Hermana Dapper and Hna. Jensen

Oh yeah I almost forgot my companion has a cold so I have been taking care of her and one day I was like shower and then we can dry your hair. So after she got all dressed I told her she could use my hair dryer then she told me that she didn’t know how to use a hair dryer. Not to worry though I taught her how to use it and now she is an expert. 

Ha, well love you all.

xoxo Hna. Ramirez

Elderes y Hermanas,

Ya estamos en la quinta semana del cambio, por lo cual seguimos motivandolos a través de las experiencias que al contactar tenemos como misioneros  cada día. En esta oportunidad la hermana Ramirez nos comparte siguiente experiencia:

"Como cualquier día normal en la calle. Nuestra meta era poder contactar a todas las personas que encontráramos. Contactamos una persona en la calle que  nos dijo que era miembro. Ella se llama Judith. Pero ya tiene muchos años que no asiste. Pusimos una cita con ella, pero nunca la hemos encontrado en su casa. Hablamos con los miembros acerca de ella y nos dijeron que ella tiene una hija que no es miembro. Fuimos a su casa pero nunca encontramos a ninguna persona en ese lugar. Después de encontrarla la invitamos a una actividad y le dijimos que llevara a su hija. Pero nos comento que  su hija siempre esta ocupada y casi nunca estaba en su casa.
Estando contactando este lunes en las calles cerca de su casa vimos a una joven que se acercaba a nosotras y decidimos contactarla, sin saber quien era ella. Resulto ser la hija de la hermana Judith y ahorita por fin tenemos la oportunidad de poder trabajar con ellas porque tenemos una cita este sábado.

Esto nos ayuda ver la importancia que tiene el  poder Hablar con todas las personas con las que nos encontramos todos los días. Testificamos que si nosotros hacemos esto siempre tendremos la bendición de poder ayudar a otras personas y sobre todo  traer almas a Cristo. Tengamos el valor de Abrir nuestras bocas en todo momento". 

-Hermana Ramirez 

Agradecemos a la Hermana Ramirez por esta buena experiencia que nos compartió. Esperamos que cada uno de nosotros sigamos abriendo nuestras bocas para compartir lo que sabemos que es verdad y que podamos cumplir con las metas que tenemos en nuestro distritos. Nuestro Padre Celestial confía en nosotros, nunca lo olviden.


Elder Rodriguez y Elder Warren

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Día de los muertos

Well fam and friends this week was a good one like usual. 

Here in México it was día de los muertos. They have like these little tables (altars) filled with food and flowers and fruit and just a bunch of random things, and they believe that the person who died will come and eat it. They say that the dead come and eat the food and that is why it tastes different after. It really is kind of sweet. They just believe that the dead are still living and that’s something that we believe also only we know that our family and friends are in the spirit world.

This week all the missionaries had to go and get flu shots at the offices. It was a little bit interesting.  Hermana Dapper was the one who was giving all the shots and I was like Dapps you cant give me a shot. Ha she did though. She told me if I moved she was going to kill me. I didn’t move and all went well. I am healthy and don’t have any sickness, so yeah. Also we are still going to the gym here. It is nice and I love to run. I’m like running faster than when I played soccer which is kind of a bummer. But, what can you do? 

We also had our first ward activity. Yeah this ward doesn’t really do activities so we the missionaries organized one. It was really fun. We had 5 rooms. The first was pre-earth life, which the primary was in charge of. They sang I lived in heaven and I am a child of god. Then we had earth life and the young men had a little presentation. Then the young women were in charge of the 3 reigns of glory. They did a great job. After we played minute to win it games. They were really fun and we had a great turn out, like 150 people came which was awesome because the most I’ve ever seen in sacrament meeting is like 70, ha. It was fun though. Oh yeah, we have these Americans in our ward, ha random, right? But they made the dinner so we had pasta salad and bread. It was good, ha. A joven (teenager) from our ward on Sunday bore his testimony about how he loved the activity and he felt the spirit. So yeah, mission accomplished.  

We also had interviews with our president this week. I really felt like Pres. C knew me a lot better in this interview. He told me that my Spanish is really good and that I’m the kind of missionary that all mission presidents want. I’m sure he says that to everyone but it made me feel good. We had a really good talk about how if we want to live in the celestial kingdom we need to live that way now. He invited us to be better. Because as imperfect people we can always be better, right?' Also we had mini interviews with Hna. Christensen and she was really happy with how I have been helping my companion learn English. She also gave me a big old hug. Gosh I love Pres. C and Hna. C its going to be sad to see them leave. Well we don’t have to think about that now. 

Today we went to Fuertes, a really pretty park that over looks all of Puebla, and we had lunch there. It was a pretty chill Monday but I felt like I really needed it. 

I kept thinking about how you guys are all eating pumpkin bread and made me kind of sad. Eat that pumpkin bread and think of me. We do have día de los muertos bread and its better then pumpkin bread. Oh who am I kidding? No its not. I take it back. Ha, I love you all. 

xoxo Han