Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Its crazy how fast the weeks go by! I feel like i just wrote all of you guys.Every week I feel more comfortable here and I love my investigators more and more. 

One thing about Mexico - dogs. They are everywhere and on every roof. This week we were knocking on a door for an appointment and all of a sudden I felt something wet in my hair. I looked up and I saw that a dog had just slobbered all over my hair. I freaked out for about ten seconds then got it together and continued on with my day. 

This week I experienced rain. The saying "when it rains it pours" has never been more true. I wasn't prepared at all for the rain. When we made it back home I was sopping wet from head to toe. My companion has this big yellow rain coat so the bishop's family and I have started calling her Hermana pollo.

This week the bishop bought us pizza! Ha, I was so happy. I felt like I was back in America again. There is nothing better than a pizza pie. The bishop asked me if I would bless the food. He added that he knew the prayer would be short because I was so excited about the pizza. Ha, he was right. Also people put hot sauce on their pizza here. Its actually good.

This week is the last week of the month which means, like all the missionaries, we are out of food and money. One day we were walking by a tortillaria that one of our investigators owns. She invited us in and was like, "would you guys like a quasadilla?"  Miracles. Ha, but seriously America is doing quesadillas all wrong. This investigator's name is Juana and her husband and father both recently passed away. We taught her the plan of salvation and after she told us that she hopes that this is true. She also invited us to have some coffee with her. We explained that we didn't drink coffee then asked us if we wanted to have some tea. We asked what kind and she said apple so we said sure. We are going to teach her the word of wisdom this week so wish us luck.

The word of wisdom is one of the hardest things for people to obey. We have another investigator Crystal who is all ready for  baptism and really wants to get baptized but has a problem with smoking. She smoked for 3 months while she was pregnant. We taught her about the word of wisdom and about the priesthood and how if she wanted we could have someone give her a blessing to help her be strong and keep the commandments. She said that she wanted one. On Sunday we asked our district leader to give her a blessing. Before the blessing she asked me if getting a blessing meant that she was committing to living the word of wisdom. I told her yes and I was kind of nervous by how she would respond. She ended up saying, "Okay, I can do this".  The blessing was awesome. 

I think sometimes I forget how powerful the priesthood is. It is literally the power of god. People, don't take the priesthood for granted. And priesthood holders, LIVE WORTHY TO HAVE THAT POWER.

I love you all and hope you have a good week. 

Paz y bendiciones,

Friday, May 23, 2014


This last week we had interviews with the President and he asked us if we had faith that our area could see milagros. I said yes, of course and that I thought our area was ready for milagros. He asked me and my companion to pray for miracles. So we did. Every day. We also ended up teaching the members about miracles during our lunches with them. We want miracles. 

Every Tuesday we have an activity at the ward where we invite our investigators and all the members also. We teach a different principle and then after have games and snacks and stuff. This week we taught about enduring to the end and after played chubby bunny again. Its literally our go to game. The people here love it so that's good. It was great this week because we had more investigators at the activity than ever before. 

Also this week we had to travel to Puebla for a meeting for the trainers and their companions. When we got there they told me that they were going to split us up and that Hermana Reyes was going to hear a member of the 70 speak and I was going to go in some room and read scriptures. I walk into the room and see all my good friends from the MTC. It was so great to see everyone. They all told me about the areas they are in and I thanked my lucky stars that I'm in Loma Florida. I honestly love my area. The members, the investigators, the city, the little houses and the fields. Ive got the best of both worlds here. Oh, and yeah Hermana wells got bed bugs her first week.. so that is rough for her. She said she is doing a lot better though. 

After the meeting we got home way later then we thought so we had to run to our next appointment which was a family home evening. As I'm running  through the streets a child like jumps right in front of me and is literally like underneath my skirt for 5 seconds. The worse part was that all these teenagers saw the whole event go down. They were dying laughing. Like as if I don't stick out enough.. lets just have you jump over a child.. ah haha. We ended up getting to the family home evening  on time and surprise surprise we don't end up starting for a half an hour later. People here have not a care in the world when it comes to time. 

For the family home evening we showed this super cheesy 80s movie called Together Forever. It is about different couples and families and how the gospel strengthened them. That night I ate COW FEET. yep that's right cow feet. I didn't know I was eating it until after I ate it. They served it on a tostada with lettuce, tomatoes and guacamole. I thought It was some sort of fish or something. After though I asked my companion what we had just eaten and she said pata de vaca. I was like wait come again.. she was like cow feet.. I about died when she told me. Ha. 

Sunday was eventful. we had a lesson right before church with a younger couple. He is christian and she is catholic. They have been looking for a church that they both believe in. We gave them a BOM. We are excited to start teaching them. Since our lesson went long we were literally sprinting to church. We made it on time but just barley.

On Sundays during sacrament I´m literally checking every 30 seconds to see if one of our investigators walk in. This week we had 11 less active members come and 4 investigators. Thats the most we have ever had so we were really stoked. During sacrament meeting the Stake President spoke to us gave a killer talk on member missionary work and told us that the ward is going to start a program where everyone is involved in missionary work. He then says raise your hand if your going to help bring other unto christ and literally every hand went up. MIRACLES. 

That night on our way back to the house Hermana Reyes tells me that she cant find the keys to the house. To make a long story short we are kind of just stranded for 2 hours. Finally we get a hold of our land lord and he tells us he can come let us in soonish. Soonish was like an hour later. After we finally get inside we get a call from our zone leader telling us that in 2 weeks they are going to redivide our area so there will be 3 sets of missionaries instead of 2. I was kind of sad at first because I didn't want to have to give up my investigators or less active members that I have been teaching. Then Hermana Reyes said that this is a good thing and that this is the first ward to have 6 missionaries and that means that the lord knows there is about to be a lot of work in this ward. I am more excited about it now. They better not take the investigators with toilet seats though, I treasure them dearly. 

Today we ended up visiting the waterfalls. They were so pretty and It was so nice to just be outside in nature. There was this one waterfall that when you would stand by it you would be sopping wet within on minute. Also today I have been on my mission for 2 months. so woot woot.

Love you all. Paz y bendiciones,

Monday, May 12, 2014

Esta semana en México

Every week here is better and better.

This week however I got sick and had to go to the Hospital. I´m glad that is behind me. I ate some bad tacos and they were really good but not good for my body. However the rest of the week was great, great, great. Emanual has a date for his baptism, June 10th. Wooot Woot.

We had a family night this week with my one of my favorite families, the Escobar family. I like them because they all have such strong testimonies, and also their home has toilet seats! We shared a message about how we are all children of god. The spirit was so strong and the mom of the family started crying. Afterwards we played chubby bunny with Cheetos, and the Escobar mom won with ten Cheetos in her mouth.  After, like the sophisticated women we are, we threw the Cheetos away and had apple tea and quesadillas.  

AHH this week was Mother’s Day.  It was so nice to be able to talk to my family.  It was honestly like fuel for mission work.  Also, for Mother’s Day we had an activity on Saturday. The missionaries had to plan the activities, and honestly it was so fun. We got water balloons and had them throw them from towel to towel. Also, we played a game where the husbands and wives had to answer questions about each other. The Aragon family dad kept putting “no se” on all his answers. At the activity we had this random entertainer dancer and he asked me to dance. Luckily, I knew how to respond to that. I just kept saying, “no puedo es una regla”.  

In the mission there is a program that helps the native Spanish speakers learn English. For this reason during District meetings the natives pray in English. One of the elders gets up and prays and in the middle of the prayer he says, ´´Now behold, please bless our investigators´´.  I had to hold it all together and not laugh.  Boy was that a struggle. 

Today for P-day we went to Tlaxcala with a couple of other sisters. It was so fun and so nice to see Mexico.  Also we got hot water this week! So I shaved me legs. Perk of being a sister missionary you only have to shave like your calves. Haha love you all.


MTC Tips

To all my lovely friends who have been asking for tips for the MTC.

- The first day people are going to be helping you with your bags. Don't fight it; just embrace it. After that first day you're on your own. 

- The first week will seem like the longest 4 days of your life. If you make it to Sunday you're golden.

- Every Sunday and Tuesdays are devotionals. On Sundays after devotionals you get to watch various church films. On your first Sunday watch "Characters of Christ", it is life changing.

- On Tuesdays take good notes after you have a devotional review with your district and branch presidency. 

- JOIN THE CHOIR. The choir director is strangely funny. Its a great stress reliever and the devotionals are broadcast so your friends at the other MTCs can see you.

- AVOID the cookies as long as you can. Once you start your hooked.

- At main campus they have a "wrap station". Its a great option when you don't feel like any of the other food. Also, you can ask them to make your wrap a salad. 

- GYM TIME is your best friend. Use your gym time; your body needs it. If you're at West Campus, get on an elliptical and narrate the basketball game going on. That kept us laughing for days. 

- If you have lunch right after gym grab a sack lunch because then you have a lot more time.

- For sack lunch, when they have the mexican salad, get it! Its the best one and they don't have it that often. 

- You are going to want to memorize Our Purpose, the Baptismal Commitment, and the First Vision. If you're bored you should start now.

- If you're at West Campus go to Jamba Juice for P-day. It's only 2 dollars! 

- If you can bare it, read your mail after 9:30 pm. It keeps you focused on the work and its something to look forward to at the end of the day.

- Get a note book that your teachers, district, and zone can write little notes to you in before you leave the MTC. You can also use it in the field before transfers.

- Write the highlights of your week down. If you don't, when you sit down to write on P-day, you will be like, "what even happened this week?"

- Go to the book store and ask for the free MTC water bottle.  Every one gets one.

- Every wednesday you get 8 dollars on your MTC card. You can use it a the book store. If you are at West Campus, you can also use it at the Creamery.

- If you're on West Campus and ever need snacks, go to the Creamery. They are open 'til like midnight.  And its always packed with missionaries.

- DONT FORGET your temple recommend when you go to the temple on P-day. They will make you go all the way back and get it. 

- Whatever you do, don't use your credit card at the pay phones at the airport. Buy a calling card at the book store and also bring change.

- Don't forget there is a Cafe Rio in terminal 2 at the Salt Lake City airport. Yum.

The MTC is so much fun. Think about it. Everyone there is about to do the same thing you are. Preach the gospel and bring others closer to Christ.


Monday, May 5, 2014

1st week in México!

Wow this week! A little culture shock, but its going good. After we got off the plane we spent the night at the missions president's house. The next morning we kind of did a run through of the mission rules and stuff. After we went to changes where we got our new companions. I felt like I was in the Hunger Games for a min and was put in the reaping. All of the missionaries lined up on different sides of the chapel then, when they call your name, you step in the middle and then you and your companion hug. That's the person you spend all your time with until you are in the reaping again. My companions name is Hermana Reyes. She is from Guatemala and has 16 months in the mission so I will be her last companion. She is so awesome and so far we get along great. She knows a lot of English actually. We never speak in English but she knows words if I need help so that's really nice. 

After changes we got on a bus and went to our new area. It´s about an hour away from Puebla. It´s called Loma Florida. Every Tuesday night the missionaries put on an activity for the ward. Since it was Tuesday we got to the ward and met the Bishop and a bunch of the other members. Apparently you kind of bump cheeks when you greet people here. At first I thought they were going in for a hug. Man did I look dumb. Just making a fool of my self on awkward cheek kiss. Don't worry I got it down now. 

OKAY for our living situation, haha ha. We live in this little apartment. We actually do have some room but the hard part is the bathroom situation. The bathroom is probably the size of a small coat closet. You could sit on the toilet and take a shower at the same time. The water in the shower is freezing cold but at least we don´t have buckets. I honestly would almost rather have buckets because the buckets have a heating feature. They must be some upscale buckets. We are supposed to get hot water this week so keep your fingers crossed. 

Our investigators are all great people. They are all so happy with the little that they have. Man guys we are so blessed. Here is a little back story on all of our investigators. 

Celia has been meeting with the missionaries for 7 months. She has a problem with WOW. She wants to change and be an example for her daughters but doesn't think that she can. she is supposed to be baptized on saturday but she doesn't feel ready.
The Aragon Family- They are an inactive family. They want to be sealed in the temple but none of them go to church so thats a struggle. They have 3 daughters all with like 5 babies. 
Emanuel is the husband of one of the Aragon family´s daughter. We taught him the first lesson, gave him a Book of Mormon, and told him to pray about it. The next lesson he told us he prayed but didn't read. I asked him to be baptized and he said yes. He still has a long way to go but it was kind of cool.
Stephanie is a 17 year old who is friends with the Bishop's daughter. When she found out that her last missionaries changed areas she started crying. She is warming up to us though. She thinks English is beautiful and asks me to speak in English. 

Ahh Fast Sunday is a whole different deal when you are on your mission. You ALWAYS have someone to fast for. As I sat down for church I looked around and saw none of our investigators. Just as I started to think negative thoughts the WHOLE Aragon family walks in. Oh man, I'm not going to lie, this week has been hard but seeing the whole Aragon family and Emanuel walk in (late) made me smile so big. It made the whole week worth it. Cold shower and all.

Saying goodbye to the CCM (MTC)

Saying goodbye to the CCM was harder than I thought. I had gotten so close to all the 'hermanas' in my district. On the last Sunday guess who got to give a talk in sacrament... yep that would be me. It actually went really well and I felt a lot more confident in my Spanish. The next day we had to say goodbye to all the people we had met. That was sad. The CCM taught me a lot. In High School I kind of only hung out with one type of people but being at the MTC really taught me how to be friends with all different kinds of people.  I also learned that as a missionary I'm not only teaching people but they are teaching me too. Going to the airport was strange. It was so close to my house but still so far away. As soon as we got through security we ran to Cafe Rio. Of course my last meal in the USA had to be a cafe rio tostada with grilled chicken. I know I will never forget the crazy memories at the MTC and how we literally had a nick-name for every single person there. Goodbye good ol'  USA.