Friday, May 23, 2014


This last week we had interviews with the President and he asked us if we had faith that our area could see milagros. I said yes, of course and that I thought our area was ready for milagros. He asked me and my companion to pray for miracles. So we did. Every day. We also ended up teaching the members about miracles during our lunches with them. We want miracles. 

Every Tuesday we have an activity at the ward where we invite our investigators and all the members also. We teach a different principle and then after have games and snacks and stuff. This week we taught about enduring to the end and after played chubby bunny again. Its literally our go to game. The people here love it so that's good. It was great this week because we had more investigators at the activity than ever before. 

Also this week we had to travel to Puebla for a meeting for the trainers and their companions. When we got there they told me that they were going to split us up and that Hermana Reyes was going to hear a member of the 70 speak and I was going to go in some room and read scriptures. I walk into the room and see all my good friends from the MTC. It was so great to see everyone. They all told me about the areas they are in and I thanked my lucky stars that I'm in Loma Florida. I honestly love my area. The members, the investigators, the city, the little houses and the fields. Ive got the best of both worlds here. Oh, and yeah Hermana wells got bed bugs her first week.. so that is rough for her. She said she is doing a lot better though. 

After the meeting we got home way later then we thought so we had to run to our next appointment which was a family home evening. As I'm running  through the streets a child like jumps right in front of me and is literally like underneath my skirt for 5 seconds. The worse part was that all these teenagers saw the whole event go down. They were dying laughing. Like as if I don't stick out enough.. lets just have you jump over a child.. ah haha. We ended up getting to the family home evening  on time and surprise surprise we don't end up starting for a half an hour later. People here have not a care in the world when it comes to time. 

For the family home evening we showed this super cheesy 80s movie called Together Forever. It is about different couples and families and how the gospel strengthened them. That night I ate COW FEET. yep that's right cow feet. I didn't know I was eating it until after I ate it. They served it on a tostada with lettuce, tomatoes and guacamole. I thought It was some sort of fish or something. After though I asked my companion what we had just eaten and she said pata de vaca. I was like wait come again.. she was like cow feet.. I about died when she told me. Ha. 

Sunday was eventful. we had a lesson right before church with a younger couple. He is christian and she is catholic. They have been looking for a church that they both believe in. We gave them a BOM. We are excited to start teaching them. Since our lesson went long we were literally sprinting to church. We made it on time but just barley.

On Sundays during sacrament I´m literally checking every 30 seconds to see if one of our investigators walk in. This week we had 11 less active members come and 4 investigators. Thats the most we have ever had so we were really stoked. During sacrament meeting the Stake President spoke to us gave a killer talk on member missionary work and told us that the ward is going to start a program where everyone is involved in missionary work. He then says raise your hand if your going to help bring other unto christ and literally every hand went up. MIRACLES. 

That night on our way back to the house Hermana Reyes tells me that she cant find the keys to the house. To make a long story short we are kind of just stranded for 2 hours. Finally we get a hold of our land lord and he tells us he can come let us in soonish. Soonish was like an hour later. After we finally get inside we get a call from our zone leader telling us that in 2 weeks they are going to redivide our area so there will be 3 sets of missionaries instead of 2. I was kind of sad at first because I didn't want to have to give up my investigators or less active members that I have been teaching. Then Hermana Reyes said that this is a good thing and that this is the first ward to have 6 missionaries and that means that the lord knows there is about to be a lot of work in this ward. I am more excited about it now. They better not take the investigators with toilet seats though, I treasure them dearly. 

Today we ended up visiting the waterfalls. They were so pretty and It was so nice to just be outside in nature. There was this one waterfall that when you would stand by it you would be sopping wet within on minute. Also today I have been on my mission for 2 months. so woot woot.

Love you all. Paz y bendiciones,

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