Monday, May 12, 2014

MTC Tips

To all my lovely friends who have been asking for tips for the MTC.

- The first day people are going to be helping you with your bags. Don't fight it; just embrace it. After that first day you're on your own. 

- The first week will seem like the longest 4 days of your life. If you make it to Sunday you're golden.

- Every Sunday and Tuesdays are devotionals. On Sundays after devotionals you get to watch various church films. On your first Sunday watch "Characters of Christ", it is life changing.

- On Tuesdays take good notes after you have a devotional review with your district and branch presidency. 

- JOIN THE CHOIR. The choir director is strangely funny. Its a great stress reliever and the devotionals are broadcast so your friends at the other MTCs can see you.

- AVOID the cookies as long as you can. Once you start your hooked.

- At main campus they have a "wrap station". Its a great option when you don't feel like any of the other food. Also, you can ask them to make your wrap a salad. 

- GYM TIME is your best friend. Use your gym time; your body needs it. If you're at West Campus, get on an elliptical and narrate the basketball game going on. That kept us laughing for days. 

- If you have lunch right after gym grab a sack lunch because then you have a lot more time.

- For sack lunch, when they have the mexican salad, get it! Its the best one and they don't have it that often. 

- You are going to want to memorize Our Purpose, the Baptismal Commitment, and the First Vision. If you're bored you should start now.

- If you're at West Campus go to Jamba Juice for P-day. It's only 2 dollars! 

- If you can bare it, read your mail after 9:30 pm. It keeps you focused on the work and its something to look forward to at the end of the day.

- Get a note book that your teachers, district, and zone can write little notes to you in before you leave the MTC. You can also use it in the field before transfers.

- Write the highlights of your week down. If you don't, when you sit down to write on P-day, you will be like, "what even happened this week?"

- Go to the book store and ask for the free MTC water bottle.  Every one gets one.

- Every wednesday you get 8 dollars on your MTC card. You can use it a the book store. If you are at West Campus, you can also use it at the Creamery.

- If you're on West Campus and ever need snacks, go to the Creamery. They are open 'til like midnight.  And its always packed with missionaries.

- DONT FORGET your temple recommend when you go to the temple on P-day. They will make you go all the way back and get it. 

- Whatever you do, don't use your credit card at the pay phones at the airport. Buy a calling card at the book store and also bring change.

- Don't forget there is a Cafe Rio in terminal 2 at the Salt Lake City airport. Yum.

The MTC is so much fun. Think about it. Everyone there is about to do the same thing you are. Preach the gospel and bring others closer to Christ.


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