Monday, May 12, 2014

Esta semana en México

Every week here is better and better.

This week however I got sick and had to go to the Hospital. I´m glad that is behind me. I ate some bad tacos and they were really good but not good for my body. However the rest of the week was great, great, great. Emanual has a date for his baptism, June 10th. Wooot Woot.

We had a family night this week with my one of my favorite families, the Escobar family. I like them because they all have such strong testimonies, and also their home has toilet seats! We shared a message about how we are all children of god. The spirit was so strong and the mom of the family started crying. Afterwards we played chubby bunny with Cheetos, and the Escobar mom won with ten Cheetos in her mouth.  After, like the sophisticated women we are, we threw the Cheetos away and had apple tea and quesadillas.  

AHH this week was Mother’s Day.  It was so nice to be able to talk to my family.  It was honestly like fuel for mission work.  Also, for Mother’s Day we had an activity on Saturday. The missionaries had to plan the activities, and honestly it was so fun. We got water balloons and had them throw them from towel to towel. Also, we played a game where the husbands and wives had to answer questions about each other. The Aragon family dad kept putting “no se” on all his answers. At the activity we had this random entertainer dancer and he asked me to dance. Luckily, I knew how to respond to that. I just kept saying, “no puedo es una regla”.  

In the mission there is a program that helps the native Spanish speakers learn English. For this reason during District meetings the natives pray in English. One of the elders gets up and prays and in the middle of the prayer he says, ´´Now behold, please bless our investigators´´.  I had to hold it all together and not laugh.  Boy was that a struggle. 

Today for P-day we went to Tlaxcala with a couple of other sisters. It was so fun and so nice to see Mexico.  Also we got hot water this week! So I shaved me legs. Perk of being a sister missionary you only have to shave like your calves. Haha love you all.


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