Monday, January 19, 2015

Ten Months, wait...what?

This week was a good week for realz. We had a special conference with our President talking about how we can be a better mission and the things we need to do to be better all around. I saw my daughter Hna. Gonzalez. She had a Mexican shirt, a memory chip, and a new watch for me for Christmas. Perks of having kids right, ha. The meeting was really good we talked about how we need to just be better in all aspects. I’m grateful for the ability that i have every week to be better. 
This week I had splits with Hna. Dapper. It literally was sooo fun. We taught and contacted like crazy, ha. We taught some members and they gave us these cute little Mexican baskets and sushi for  la comida that day. We had money from members so we went to the best tacos in Puebla, Las Ranas. Ahh, they are soo good they have meat and pineapple and cilantro and onions, so good. Anywhooo after we had a lesson with Carlos (Charlie). We taught him family history. It was way cool and he told us he is going to start working on his family history so that he can go to baptisms for the dead after he gets baptized. I’m happy for him. I have seen the gospel change his life. After, we taught a less active member and then 2 more investigators. It was a fun fun day for real. The whole day one of my favorite members Hna Gabby came with us and helped us then at 8:30 we all went to the McDonalds with 3 floors and the best view in Puebla and got ice cream and then shared a message with Hna gabby. It was a rockin day. After all that fun we went home to the house and got all ready for bed. We got into bed on time and then just talked the night away... oops. Ha, the next morning we work up at 5:30 and went running in this park called Fuertes. There was Christmas light everywhere it was so fun. We met up with Hna Orgill and her companion. I felt happy and liked the split and spending the day with one of my best friends. 
The rest of the week was fun. Every week goes by faster and faster. This week we also threw a surprise party for Hna Garcia. It was fun. We also played volleyball. It was some good stuff... fun fun. Well love you all. Oh yeah ten months down… today. 


Hna Han

Monday, January 12, 2015

Día de Los Reyes

This week was Día de los Reyes here in Puebla. Its like bigger than anything. Its bigger than Christmas. Everyone is buying toys and food and everything because the custom here is that the 3 wise men bring toys to all the kids. What they do is they buy a balloon and write what they want and then send it up into the air and apparently the 3 wise men will see the balloon and bring you the gifts. Anywhooo one of the members in our ward was selling balloons. They asked to say a prayer to bless the balloons before we left. It was a good night. I sent my wishes to the 3 wise men. Lets see what they bring me. 

On Tuesday we went to transfers. It was all good and I got my new companion who is Hna Impina. I have already had 2 weeks with her when we were in the trio but we are doing well. I am learning to be very, very patient. One of my besties from the mission Hna Orgill is now in my district and I am soo happy because I love her to death and my best friend Hna Dapps is my hemana leader so we are going to have splits this week and its going to be like a full on slumber party. Oh I’m stoked, so stoked. 

This week we set 3 new baptism dates with a bunch of cool new people. We are getting a lot of help from the ward, which is great, great, great. I love this ward; seriously we call it the Fuertes family. I love them. Also I’m stoked because I’m going to have my birthday here so that will be good right??

I’m so tired because we played soccer for like 4 hours today. I think I’m going to buy some soccer shoes this week because we play every week and my Nikes are like totally trashed. 

I honestly am feeling a little stressed with all the new things. I feel in a way that I am carrying all the responsibility in this area because my companion is not mentally able to take it all on. I know however that the lord will help in this and that we are close to seeing some miracles. 

I love you all. Keep it real.

xoxo Hna. Han 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Experiencia espiritual

Esta semana tuvimos una grandiosa experiencia con una investigadora de 13 años. Su nombre es Monserrat. Su familia fue bautizada hace pocos meses y ella rechazó bautizarse. Ella ha ido a la capilla por varios meses pero su comportamiento era renuente al bautismo. Habíamos tenido varias lecciones con ella y cuando hablábamos del bautismo, ella se cerraba. Después vimos que una de sus metas era ser sellada en el Templo con su familia. Este martes estuvimos planeando la cita con Monse. Y vino a mi mente un video de la Iglesia que yo había visto en una conferencia de mujeres. Se trataba de los convenios que hacemos en el Templo y el primer convenio que es el bautismo. Nos acompañó a esta cita una hermana del barrio. Cuando llegamos, Monse estaba sola, y pienso que esto era parte de la preparación a la cita. MI compañera ofreció la primera oración, durante su oración sentí que debía hacer una oración en mi mente también para que tuviéramos el Espíritu con nosotros. Cuando empezamos la lección se me vino a la mente hablar de las metas que teníamos para el año siguiente y también metas para la eternidad. Una de sus metas era vivir con su familia para siempre. Pusimos el video y es cuando el espíritu entró. Empezamos a hablar del video con ella; la verdad es que no recuerdo exactamente mis palabras porque realmente no eran mis palabras, sino que eran del Espíritu. Le Invité a ella a ser bautizada y aceptó. Terminamos la lección con una oración arrodilladas y ella ofreció la oración diciendo si ella podía ser  bautizada el 7 de febrero. Yo sé que en esta lección no éramos las maestras pero el Espíritu le enseño a Monse esa noche. Como misioneros; nosotros necesitamos permitir que el Espíritu sea el maestro.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Short and Sweet

WELL this week was interesting. We were in a trio because I got my new companion and then I still have my old companion. Ha, it has been fun and a little crazy.

My new companion is Hermana Ipina. She is 24 years old and from Monterey México. She went home for 3 months and is just coming back out into the mission. She is a convert of 8 years. Her goals for this year are to read the whole Book of Mormon and get married. Ha.

My former companion is Hermana Curiel. She has bitten me 5 times this week. It is all fun and games. Ever since I told her that I was a witch she has started acting crazy. Ha, but what can a girl do. 
Her goals for this year are to read the Bible, all of it, and to get married. Ha.

These are typical sister missionary goals, to get married. Just letting you all know that’s in my 5 to 10 year goals. Oops,.. I’m a rebel missionary. 

But I also did make some goals

- Go to the temple.
- Do family history for the Ramirez side of the family (pretty sure they are all catholic). 
- Invite one of my non-member friends to listen to the missionaries.
- Help the less actives in my family become active. 
- Make every day count in my mission.

This week being in a trio was fun except for the fact that I have been sleeping on the floor. Yep, that’s right, the floor. Ha, it’s because we have 2 beds and the Elders gave us a blow up mattress with a huge hole, dang Elders. 

I sent Mom a SPRITIUAL EXPIERINCE that was awesome but I wrote it in Spanish and I honestly cant write it again I’m so tired today. Forgive me for being lazy.

Also this week we bought the corn on the stick like in Nacho Libre, haha, and my comp said “yeah with a lot of spicy salsa on it. The salsa here is hardly every spicy, ha, but boy we were wrong. We were dying; we ran to the nearest pharmacy and started chugging water. But we finished the corn on the stick. Mom and Dad your defffs going to try it when you come here.

Also I got the letters from Ted and Robyn. Thank you so much. Guys, you’re the best. PS Jeff and Tanya, you guys are slacking big time (9 months, and nothing). I’m going to forgive you because I love you so. But just to remind you all my birthday’s next month. Wow, 20 years old. What? 

Today we played soccer and I was playing pretty hard and an elder kicked me in the leg and I have a huge bruise but I’m doing well.

Today is the day of the 3 kings, like from the birth of the baby Jesus. They don’t really have Santa here. They believe that the 3 kings bring them gifts so the streets are crazy. Ha, but I love it. We are going to go contact all these crazy peeps.

Love you.

xoxo Hna Han