Monday, January 12, 2015

Día de Los Reyes

This week was Día de los Reyes here in Puebla. Its like bigger than anything. Its bigger than Christmas. Everyone is buying toys and food and everything because the custom here is that the 3 wise men bring toys to all the kids. What they do is they buy a balloon and write what they want and then send it up into the air and apparently the 3 wise men will see the balloon and bring you the gifts. Anywhooo one of the members in our ward was selling balloons. They asked to say a prayer to bless the balloons before we left. It was a good night. I sent my wishes to the 3 wise men. Lets see what they bring me. 

On Tuesday we went to transfers. It was all good and I got my new companion who is Hna Impina. I have already had 2 weeks with her when we were in the trio but we are doing well. I am learning to be very, very patient. One of my besties from the mission Hna Orgill is now in my district and I am soo happy because I love her to death and my best friend Hna Dapps is my hemana leader so we are going to have splits this week and its going to be like a full on slumber party. Oh I’m stoked, so stoked. 

This week we set 3 new baptism dates with a bunch of cool new people. We are getting a lot of help from the ward, which is great, great, great. I love this ward; seriously we call it the Fuertes family. I love them. Also I’m stoked because I’m going to have my birthday here so that will be good right??

I’m so tired because we played soccer for like 4 hours today. I think I’m going to buy some soccer shoes this week because we play every week and my Nikes are like totally trashed. 

I honestly am feeling a little stressed with all the new things. I feel in a way that I am carrying all the responsibility in this area because my companion is not mentally able to take it all on. I know however that the lord will help in this and that we are close to seeing some miracles. 

I love you all. Keep it real.

xoxo Hna. Han 

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