Sunday, November 30, 2014

Well another good week in the mish.

I officially finished training Hermana Gonzalez. It was a good 3 months and we are going to be together another change. We don’t have changes but we are getting another companion. I don’t really know what she is going to be like or anything. They just told us that we are going to be in a trio so that should be interesting. Who really knows what it will be like. I’m kind of scared. When I heard that I was kind of mad but then president called me last night and told me that he had prayed a lot about this and that he is very excited for us. I feel a lot better also this means that I will be here in Esmeralda for Christmas. It should be good because it is the nicest are in the mission. A member gave us a pre-lit Christmas tree from Costco this week so that was in the Christmas spirit. I was stoked. 

As for the investigators and stuff things are still going good. This may be one of the hardest wards because the people all have money and work constantly. We are however working with a young woman named Lesley and we invited her to be baptized. She needs to start coming to church to complete with her baptism goal but the problem is that she is studying in a different town on Sundays so we need to work on that a little more. She is really cool she is like into extreme sports and stuff. Ha, she asked us if we wanted to go sky diving with her.. I was like I’m pretty sure that’s against the mission rules. 

I got my Christmas package this week and the elders in the offices called me and were like Hermana when you come to the district meeting come get your package we want to know what’s inside. Ha so I opened it up in the offices. Mom had some presents wrapped and when I went to the bathroom the elders hid all the presents. Crazy elders. After we had a zone meeting. It was interesting. We talked about being self-sufficient.

This week on Thursday we have a 70 coming to talk to us so it should be really fun and interesting. We have all these rules like we cant go to the bathroom during the meeting and we can’t hug him or kiss him. I was like well duh. I’m not gonna give the 70 a kiss. Ha. 

Today we played soccer again and also ping-pong. This week we got with another zone and my friend Hna. Orgill is in the other zone. She is doing well and is really happy. It was fun to see her. She told me that my Spanish has gotten a lot better so that was a definite plus. 

This week a member, Hna Blanca, came and accompanied us and she loves to talk and she was talking and talking and she told us that prophets have appeared to her in ghost form and have told her stuff. I really don’t know what to think about this but I just smiled and nodded. Bless her soul. 

Well other than that I left my journal at home so I kind of forgot what happened this week. But I love you all and Merry Thanksgiving.... 

xoxo han 

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