Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Día de los muertos

Well fam and friends this week was a good one like usual. 

Here in México it was día de los muertos. They have like these little tables (altars) filled with food and flowers and fruit and just a bunch of random things, and they believe that the person who died will come and eat it. They say that the dead come and eat the food and that is why it tastes different after. It really is kind of sweet. They just believe that the dead are still living and that’s something that we believe also only we know that our family and friends are in the spirit world.

This week all the missionaries had to go and get flu shots at the offices. It was a little bit interesting.  Hermana Dapper was the one who was giving all the shots and I was like Dapps you cant give me a shot. Ha she did though. She told me if I moved she was going to kill me. I didn’t move and all went well. I am healthy and don’t have any sickness, so yeah. Also we are still going to the gym here. It is nice and I love to run. I’m like running faster than when I played soccer which is kind of a bummer. But, what can you do? 

We also had our first ward activity. Yeah this ward doesn’t really do activities so we the missionaries organized one. It was really fun. We had 5 rooms. The first was pre-earth life, which the primary was in charge of. They sang I lived in heaven and I am a child of god. Then we had earth life and the young men had a little presentation. Then the young women were in charge of the 3 reigns of glory. They did a great job. After we played minute to win it games. They were really fun and we had a great turn out, like 150 people came which was awesome because the most I’ve ever seen in sacrament meeting is like 70, ha. It was fun though. Oh yeah, we have these Americans in our ward, ha random, right? But they made the dinner so we had pasta salad and bread. It was good, ha. A joven (teenager) from our ward on Sunday bore his testimony about how he loved the activity and he felt the spirit. So yeah, mission accomplished.  

We also had interviews with our president this week. I really felt like Pres. C knew me a lot better in this interview. He told me that my Spanish is really good and that I’m the kind of missionary that all mission presidents want. I’m sure he says that to everyone but it made me feel good. We had a really good talk about how if we want to live in the celestial kingdom we need to live that way now. He invited us to be better. Because as imperfect people we can always be better, right?' Also we had mini interviews with Hna. Christensen and she was really happy with how I have been helping my companion learn English. She also gave me a big old hug. Gosh I love Pres. C and Hna. C its going to be sad to see them leave. Well we don’t have to think about that now. 

Today we went to Fuertes, a really pretty park that over looks all of Puebla, and we had lunch there. It was a pretty chill Monday but I felt like I really needed it. 

I kept thinking about how you guys are all eating pumpkin bread and made me kind of sad. Eat that pumpkin bread and think of me. We do have día de los muertos bread and its better then pumpkin bread. Oh who am I kidding? No its not. I take it back. Ha, I love you all. 

xoxo Han 

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