Thursday, December 4, 2014


Well this was quite the week I must say...

So we had changes actually... ha I’ll explain. To make a very long story short I saw Pres. on Monday night after I wrote and he told me that an Hermana had to go home for some medical reasons and that the trio thing wasn’t going to happen and that he would call us tomorrow and tell us what the plans were...

Anywhooo, we went to changes and got put into the trio for around 12 hours. Pres. talked to me after the changes meeting and told me that I would be leaving the area so to pack my stuff all up. Lets just say packing was a disaster with lots of clothes and no space. Everyone here has bigger bags then me. I’m not kidding. Plus my bags have weights in them. Changes as usual were a party. Its kind of awesome now because I know a lot more people in the mission. I’m not such a newbie. My old companion Hermana Lopez got made a sister training leader. I was sooo happy for her. That night I had to pack all up and say goodbye to everyone. Hermana Gonzales (mi hija) was crying pretty hard. Poor girl. We also said goodbye to Hermana Gabby (from the sacrament dog family). It was pretty sad. She made us french toast the next day and then we went off to the offices. Her daughter started crying and saying take me with you! So sad. This is the hardest part about the mission; leaving a place and the people you learn to love 

Well so out with the old and in with the new…

My area
My new area is called Fuertes. It’s literally the central part of Puebla. It is sooo pretty. I love all the old buildings. I feel like I’m in a movie, or back in Europe. Seriously, I love it. The only thing is I feel like I’m living in a mall. Seriously, the temptation to buy stuff is killing me. When you are living on a missionary monthly budget you cant afford to splurge on shoes. Sad life but the Christmas spirit keeps me happy. There are lights and fountains and trees all around the streets. At first i didn’t know how to feel but now I’m in love.

My companion
My new comps name is Hna. Curiel. She is from Tijuana and is a convert. She was also a companion with Hermana Wells and they got along well so I think we are going to be just fine. She might not like Americans though, ha. We make a good team. She had 7 months in the mission and has been in this area for almost 5 so she will most likely be switched in the next transfer.

Mission work.
Well of coarse the first thing I asked my companion was how are our investigators. She told me we have around 5 and they never come to church. I told her not to worry because that was about to change. This week we hit the ground running and found 3 new very prepared investigators. We had 4 investigators in church. It was a good week. This area looks very merry and bright... if you catch my drift.

Another perk… Hna. Dapps is in my zone and we are only around 20 min away from each other. That means we have our mission Christmas party together. Yay!

For Thanksgiving we didn’t eat anything special, ha. We did have a lesson with Charlie who is an architect. He’s cool. He told us he would love to be baptized. He is having some problems though. His girlfriend introduced him to the church but now they aren’t together and she is going for another member so he has to like watch that go on at church. Lets see how it goes. I did buy a snickers after the lesson however and that was my thanksgiving feast. 

Elder Torrez from the 70 came and we had a mission tour for him and his wife. I got to see mi hija Hermana G. She told me she misses me and that I’m her favorite American. She’s kind of having a hard time with her new companion. At the zone conference we watched the He is the Gift video and it was sooo good. It is awesome because we have these special pass-along cards just for Christmas. Christmas is here. December is here. What??? 

Today we played soccer again, ha. An Elder from my last stake had like 5 soccer balls so he gave me one. In my new zone however I am the one who has to bring the soccer ball. We were walking to the chapel and a random guy came up to me and asked me if I played soccer. I was like no I’m a missionary, and then we got talking about God. He just went on and on about how some Gods are slow and some are fast some are funny and some are boring. We parted ways on a good note. I gave him a card and he said he was going to watch the He is the Gift video so who knows.

Well I love you all. Merry Christmas time. I’ll send pics next week of my new companion and new area. Also ha, I’m going to be in a Christmas choir. Wish me luck. Talk to you next week and talk to you via Skype in 24 days, but who’s counting?? 

xoxox Hermana Hannah 

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