Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Interesting Things

Well this week was quite the week. Now that I think about it, every week is filled with interesting things. That’s what happens when yours truly is serving a mission.

Well the highlight of my week was probably the Christmas party/ conference that we had this last Tuesday. We got to the chapel and the church was just all decorated for Christmas. They had fake snow in the windows and Christmas trees all around. It was so festive I loved it! Ha! We started out by eating breakfast donuts and yogurt, super healthy. Then we sang Christmas songs. We started out reading hymns and then we got to the crazy stuff, ha. We sang 12 days of Christmas and each group acted it out and then we sang the 12 days of Christmas as missionaries. Our thing to act out was on the 3rd day of Christmas my mission gave to me, 3 blisters.

After all the singing and laughing we got spiritual and talked about teaching with the spirit. I think as a missionary that’s one of the hardest things to do sometimes. I sometimes second guess if it’s my own thoughts or the spirit speaking but I just act on the impressions I get because I know if I don’t the spirit wont work within me. And I need the spirit because I, myself, Hannah Ramirez am not a good teacher but me with the spirit, well that’s a different story. After we played a game called bunko. Oh my, it was so fun and guess who won? I did, I won out of everyone! 293 points, thank you very much. Ha, I won a little Christmas mug and a bear. It was cute. After we had a Christmas feast. Seriously Hna. Christensen made us ham and like mac and cheese and salad. I felt like I was right at home in the good old USA. After we helped and cleaned up and took pics. I saw my hija Hna. Gonzalez and she gave me a present. Gosh I have got to get that girl something! She gave me my favorite Mexican cookies and a sweet note. She’s the best. After, Pres. C. and Hna. C gave us some presents and talked about the importance of family traditions. In their family on Christmas Eve they sing Christmas carols and light candles so they gave us this cute Mexican candle. I loved it. I’m totally going to have killer family traditions. Ha, remember kid of the week??

The low of my week was burning my hand in the boiler. Yep, that’s right. Okay so here in Mexico there aren’t exactly heaters for the hot water. You have to go outside and light the boiler with a match and turn on the gas. Anywhooo our boiler is strait up ghetto, like from the 20s or something. Anywhooo I was just trying to get some hot water like any other normal American and all of a sudden whoosh, the whole boiler lit on fire with my hand in there. I was like what just happened? I called Hna. Dapps cuz she’s a doctor and all she got me all set up. But then I swear the whole mission knew. I got calls from like the most random people. Seriously, in the mission there are no secrets. The news spreads so fast its worse than in high school. Seriously. They all called my asking if I had burnt my whole arm. Luckily I am doing fine now. Don’t worry; it was both a Christmas disaster and a Christmas miracle.

We had some great lessons this week. We are really seeing progress in this area. We fasted for Charlie to have the words to tell his family about his baptism. He wants to do it but his parents are really anti. Lets hope that all goes well this week.

We got permission to go look at all the Christmas lights yesterday. Its called Puebla Christmas and is so dang cute. It’s like Disneyland seriously, ha maybe not as big but I was in love. There were little Christmas cottages and Christmas lights everywhere in the city. It was awesome. We are going to go back because I forgot my camera in the house. So lets hope that I can get some pics of how cute it was. This week we have our ward Christmas party. We are singing with our investigators and I have to dress up like Rudolph and my companion as a donkey. Ha, it should be great. I’ll be sure to send you guys all the details.

Also I don’t know if you guys noticed or not but yeah this week I’m going to complete 9 months. Yep that’s right, half way. 9 down and 9 to go, I got this.

Love you and wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Xoxo, Hna Han

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