Monday, December 22, 2014

Well you all know what time of the year it is. YEP HUMP DAY.

9 months in the mission. so fun. 

This week for my 9 months in the mission we had intercambios (I dont know how to say that in english) with the Hermana Leaders and they went really well. I spent the day with Hermana Rodriguez and american hermana with a latin last name. We get along great. We had some great lessons and it was really fun to speak in English for one day but i also felt like it would be really hard to have that temptation all the time so it was good it was only for one day. In the morning we went running in the central of Puebla with all the lights it was a great morning

Also we had our ward christmas party. Let me just stop and tell you all right now that I have the best ward on the planet. Our christmas party was like better then any school dance seriously. We ( The missionaries and some investigators) danced in 2 numbers. 1. Rudolf and 2. Mi burrito sabanero. We had our danced totally choreographed. They were awesome. In the first number I was Rudolf and in the second my companion was a donkey. She was dancing so funny I was laughing so hard. The primary asked us to sing with them and then we also did chinagins. The ward loved us and we had 7 investigators there so it was a major plus for all. After we had a piñata and all the adults were like fighting the kids for the candy. but thats just how it is here and I love it.

I got my packages from the family this week. Thank you so much Mom and Grandma. For Christmas I asked my family for their written testimonies and this week I got the testimonies of my Grandma and Grandpa I thought it would be a good idea to read them on the bus back to our area. So i started to read and started to bawl. I haven't been touched by the spirit that strongly in a while. I loved yearning how they felt and what they believe. It was the highlight of my week. My companion asked me what was the matter I told her nothing. Just the spirit. 

I am so happy to be a missionary in this time and this place of the word. I know that I am meant to be here and I feel an overwhelming love for the people here of Puebla. I love you all and Merry Christmas. 

Talk to you on Thursday. oh WUT. 



PS. I drank horchata today I felt so cool. in December drinking Horchata. ha lolz. 

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