Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wow! Guys I leave for Mexico in 2 days! I repeat 2 days! Ahhh!

So this week was jam-packed. I feel like i'm moving 24/7. Which is great since I'm not good at sitting still for too long.

Now.. for the Spanish fail of the week...

Last Saturday me and my whole district are just chatting before class starts and my teacher walks in wearing this really really cool tie. 

Using my Español skills I said, "Me gusta su cuerpo"... He just looked at me like I'm a TOTAL wack-job and my class starts busting up laughing. Instantly I realize that I have just told him "I like your body" Instead of saying "me gusta su corbata", which means "I like your tie." To make it worse, when I said "me gusta su cuerpo" I totally pointed up and down at his tie. He was probably thinking that i was pointing to his body. So as you can see I am still not close to fluent but I am getting a lot better. My biggest problem is conjugating verbs. I can pretty much say anything as long as I'm only speaking in the present tense.

Easter was the bomb in the CCM (MTC)! Oh man everyone got all dressed up. The Hermanas were all wearing their cutest spring outfits and all the elders wearing bright colored ties. I let three of the girls in my district borrow clothes and I curled one of the Hermana's hair. What can I say, I'm a giver...haha, just joking. I love my whole district here, I would do anything for them. Plus we had to look really nice because an apostle was speaking to us that day. 

We get to the devotional and we find out that President Uchtdorf will be speaking to us! I swear we get the best speakers. Heavenly Father send me to the MTC at the perfect time. President Uchtdorf gave an amazing talk on the atonement and not being fearful. He spoke about how the atonement can take away our fear and that we should be BOLD missionaries. One of my favorite things he said was " if you want to punch Satan in the face then preach the gospel". I totally sucker punched Satan in the the face because he had no idea I was going to be a missionary. After Uchtdorf spoke he shook some missionaries hand and guess who was lucky enough to shake his hand.. yep, me! After he left two sisters came up to me and asked me if they could shake my hand because I had shaken Pres. Uchtdorf's hand. Haha.  

After, we headed back to west campus for lunch. As Wells and I were walking out of the lunch room we saw Elder Uchdorf. We had a little conversation. It went like this...

Me: "Hola."
Uchtdorf: "Hola, como está?"
Me: "Muy bien, gracias. Y usted?"
Uchtdorf: "Muy bien."

Then the BYU police interrupted us before all the other missionaries came out and swarmed him... oh my. Wanna hear a joke.....BYU police.

After, Well's and I named ourselves the Easter committee and we hid around 80 eggs for our zone. It was lots of fun. We hid them all over outside. It made me feel like I was back at home for just a minute. This was one of the funnest easters yet. 

This week has been good. Lots of just preparing to go to the field on Monday. Our branch presidents wife came and visited us this week at our apartment and hmm, how do I put this nicely? She's a little off her rocker. She started telling us that we should start speaking to our inner child. She told us that you write a questions with your right hand and then your inner child will answer with your left. I was like ummm, okay. Bless her soul.

Elder Oaks also came and spoke to us. I'm telling ya that its the best time to be in the MTC. We also had Infield orientation this week which made me so stoked. I don't feel 100 percent ready, but I'm feeling good. Today was the last time I will get to be in the temple for a year in a half. Sitting there kind of broke my heart knowing I wouldn't get to be in this place for a while. Don't take your temple for granted! 

Love  you all.
Paz y bendiciones.



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