Monday, April 14, 2014

Soo Just another week in the CCM (MTC)

Well conference at the MTC was equivalent to the finale of The Bachelor mixed with the Super Bowl. It was awesome. All the missionaries got together and watched it in this huge room on like 4 flat screens. So glad that Holland just started it out right. One of my favorite things he said was " Be strong live the Gospel even if people around you don't live it at all" It's hard to be proud of what you believe in when people around you think it's a little strange. Stand up for what you believe and who cares what anyone else thinks. Before the Afternoon session of conference on Sunday we got to watch a little show on David Archeletta. Haha I'm in the end part you guys should check it out.

Also on Sunday Hermana Wells and I met some elders from New Zealand. They were Wacky. They came up to us and said "You guys have gangster eyes" I was thinking child, what does that even mean. We asked them if they were companions and they said they had no idea where their companions were. They asked us to go on a "Temple Walk" with them. Hermana Wells and I were thinking, ugh.. as if. One of the elders was wearing a scarf so we now call him 'Scarfy'. Scarfy is in for a reality check once he leaves. 

Later on Sunday BYU's acapella group "Vocal Point" came and sang to us. It was awesome. It was nice to get a break from "Called to Serve". Not kidding, we sing that song 100 times a day. 

This week me and Hermana Wells and I were kind of stressed because she found a lump on her back and it wasn't going away. We end up going up to the MTC main campus doctor and they told us that she was going to have to get an MRI scan the next day which was kind of scary. So the next day we went to a real doctor out of the MTC bubble and I see a women walking in who looks a lot like Hermana Wells mom. I turn to Herman Wells and say " isn't that your mom??" and it was! I got to meet her and she got to be there for Hermana Wells on that scary day.

To get the results we had to go to main campus and she is fine! It was just a bruised thing and it will go down by it's self. As we walk out of the MTC doctor's office the first people that Hermana Wells and I see is Scarfy and his Sidekick. They are never with their companions! They asked us to eat dinner with them but we told them we couldn't. Later we saw them talking to some other sisters. All I can say is they need to reread the missionary handbook!

Also this week I joined the choir because apparently "your gonna want to be in the choir for the next few weeks" so naturally we joined. Next week for Easter an apostle is coming to speak to us! Yay! I can't wait! 

Also this week we got some new elders added to our district and since Wells and I are Sister Training Leaders we had to show them the ropes. There is this one Elder that was always wearing this black sleeve so we asked him why he had to wear it. Apparently he's a recent convert to the church so he needed to cover up his tattoo. We asked him what his tattoo was and your never going to guess what it was.. A Harry Potter Tattoo of the deathly hallows sign. Hahaha, I was like 'you like Harry Potter'! 

Also Wells and I have a new system down. We keep our room clean until we have the cleaning check for that week then we let it go crazy. Then we clean it again on Monday. SO this week we passed with flying colors!  

It's the weirdest thing... I now have hymns stuck in my head. I'll like start humming a hymn and i'm thinking when did I BECOME THIS PERSON. hahah 

I really do love it here. I think everyone should go on a mission because it brings out the best in you. 

Love you all. Send me dear elders.

hermana han
 Map pic

 Otro map pic

 A friend from Skyline

 Yet another map pic, can't get enough

 MRI, she's OK!

 Temple day

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