Thursday, April 3, 2014

We Teach People Not Lessons

What a week it has been in the MTC....full of surprises. 

Hermana Wells and I got made "Sister Training Leaders" for the zone. Its pretty much "Zone Leaders" but for girls. 

On Sunday we went to a devotional up at main campus and your never going to guess who was there... I'll give you a hint.. he was on American Idol, he's a Mormon, and he just got back from a mission...

DAVID ARCHULETA, haha. When he walked in seriously all the sisters went crazy and the Elder I was sitting next to said "Whoever marries him is one lucky lady". He sang some songs to us and one in Spanish! (I felt like he was singing just to me- Oh my!). After the devotional David could only shake hands with 30 missionaries and guess who's hand he did choose to shake.. yep mine! After I waved to him and said thank you and he gave me a big smile back.. haha. You could say I'm living righteously.

We are pretty busy every day. We got a little April fools prank pulled on us. They told us that we would be bused up to Salt Lake City to have a missionary conference with the 12 apostles. We were so happy and excited because when you are a missionary an Apostle is as just about as cool as one of the One Direction boys. When they told us it was a prank Hermana Wells and I just stared at them in disgust and asked if we could be excused for a minute. haha 
We had another April Fools surprise when we walked in to class. Our teacher told us we would be teaching two 20 minute lessons with no time to prepare. He said not to worry the spirit would guide us and to use the Spanish we knew. As we walked in to the lesson I was thinking to myself, Hannah use the Spanish you know, but I didn't really see how "aye aye aye" and "hola mi amor" was going to help me in this lesson. However our teacher was right and Hermana Wells and I taught two beautiful lessons in Spanglish and we both felt the spirit. During one of the lessons an older women looked us both strait in the eyes and told us "You guys are angles of light". I will never forget that. Things like that make everyday here so worth it! 

The MTC isn't easy and if it is easy for you, you're not doing it right. We had a devotional from Scott D Whiting. One thing he said that really stuck with me was " Missionaries are asked to live a higher standard but that brings blessings". I know this statement to be true and I can feel it bless my life. I'm so grateful to be in a place where the spirit is constantly. 

You guys best be watching General Conference. 
I love you
Hermana han
 It snowed :(

 Guess who shook David Archuleta's hand?

 Mi compi!

Hermana Wells and Bullock

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