Monday, March 31, 2014

MTC What UP?!

Long time no talk.  Honestly I love getting dear elder mail.  Mail is like fuel here in the MTC. So is being mentally tough and not taking stuff too seriously. But staying focused is very important. 

So in my district I'm the youngest girl so everyone here calls me the baby. Ha, I like being the baby. Me and my companion were so freaking blessed with each other. We get alone way well. We literally sing and dance and together. We have made nick names for all our teachers here in the MTC.
Sunday is my favorite day here by far. We have church then we have a Sunday Fun-day activity. We just get to know each other better and it is super chill. After, we go up to MTC main campus and we have a devotional. This week we had Sam B. Allen from the missionary department. He was the bomb. He said a lot of good things that touched me. One in particular was, "don't forget whose name you wear on your chest". It's sooo true. I wear Jesu Cristo's Name on my chest every day. I represent him.  

We have random cleaning checks this week and everyone passed except me and my companion. Ha, we are seriously perfect for each other. We cleaned our room today so don't worry. Everyday keeps going by faster and faster.  

Oh, good news! My companion and I got our Visas! We had to ride the front runner down to Salt Lake last Thursday to the Mexican Consulate. It was kind of scary being out of the MTC bubble. Boy was I glad to get back into the bubble at the end of the day. There is a peaceful feeling here at the MTC. 

Love and peace to you all,

Hermana Han

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