Monday, March 23, 2015

Well Hello Family, Friends, and Randoms!

Well hello family, friends and randoms.

This week was jammed packed with things like Zone Conference, intercambios (splits), eye infection, stake conference and San Martin. Well, first things first... 

The Zone Conference

This week we had a zone conference with Pres. and 4 other zones. We talked a lot about the same things we talked about in the leader's meeting but it was so fun. I got to see all my friends and we ended up taking a pic of all our hermanas. The best part about the zone conference is that Hna. Christensen makes us food and we all get to eat together. It was weird, usually in the zone conferences I talk a little bit and usually I'm shy or scared but this zone conference my companion and I were just both talking a lot and answering questions. Being a sister training leader has really helped me step up and not be scared to just work with all my heart. Hna Dapper is going to be finishing her mission soon in may so she bore her testimony. It was the cutest thing and I was just about bawling through the whole thing. Its so weird, all my mission friends and going home and soon I'm going to be a loner. By the end of the meeting people kept asking me if I had something in my eye. Well needless to say thats how I realized I had the eye infection.

The Eye Infection 

Nothing serious, just my eye was all red. We went to the hospital and they gave me some good meds and I was back to new. The only thing was that my eye couldn't be in the sun so I had to wear sunglasses this week. No, I am no trying to be a tool missionary, just wearing the glasses to protect my eyes. Haha, I'm all good and back to normal. 

Intercambios (splits)

This week we had intercambios with the hnas from our ward. Hnas. Meek and Guadarramma. I was with Hna Meek. It was soo fun to be with another american for the day. Hna meek is sooo loving Nx she is so awesome. I love her! She has 7 months in the mission and she is training Hna Guadaramma. We had a great day. We taught some good lessons and the next morning we went running. It felt soo good to run. Haha, I can never run because my comp Hna. Cherrez told me she can't run and doesn't run. Haha, she's great, I love her also. The intercambios always help me teach and also learn. PS.. this week I have intercambios in Fuertes. That's right, I'm going back to my old area tommorrow. I'm so happy, you have no idea. 

Stake Conference

Elder Johnson, a member from the 70's came and was able to talk to the whole stake. He spoke and it was awesome. Also Pres. Christesen, his wife, and the temple president spoke. It was sooo good but they sure talked a lot about marriage. I'm like so far away from thinking about things like that. But one of our investigators is dating a member and she really loved the conference so me and Hna Cherrez were as happy as clams. 

San Martin

Today we went to San Martin. It was super fun. There is a castle and we went and walked around. I felt like i was in Europe not in Mexico. It was relaxing until this duck came and attacked us. Literally it ate my companion's shoe. Haha, after in San martin they are like famous for the cheep american clothes. It was pretty much the worlds largest garage sale it gave me a head ache but I did find an h&m dress for 4 dollars so we will see how it goes. 

Well fam I'm getting a little bummed because this is the last week in the change. Next week we will know who is staying and who is going. Hna Cherrez has 7 months as an STL so its pretty sure that she will not be a sister training leader anymore. They are going to separate us. We were both pretty bummed out about it but we won't really know anything until this Saturday

Love you, stay sweet. 

xoxo han 

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