Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tears of Pure Joy

Well this week was a good one like all the other weeks have been.

I took a walk down memory lane and I had intercambios (i have no idea what that is called in english) with the hermanas from Libres 2. They are Hna Gonzalez (my daughter) and Hna Cupul. We had to go all the way out to Libres again which was another 3 hours in bus but it was so worth it because I got to spend the day in Libres (A baby farm town) with my daughter for the whole day. I felt like it was back to old times, it was so fun. Hna Gonzalez has truly grown as a missionary. I was so happy to see how she has progressed and is doing so well. We had a good day together and we taught some interesting characters. We taught this jw who was trying to tell us that the pre-earth life didn't happen. We taught using power love and the scriptures and by the end of the lesson he had a baptism date. We spend the night giggling and remembering old memories. It was truly a great day

The next day was Hna Cherrezs birthday. We didn't have time to go back to Puebla before the district meeting so we stayed in libres and went to their district meeting. It was a great meeting, and after we had a surprize b-day party for Hna Cherrez. The tradition here is to always take a bite of the cake and then you get your face smashed into the cake.. haha before we did, hna cherrez just told me.. not my eyelashes of eyebrows i have makeup on haha she's too cute. We sang we laughed and then we headed back to the bus. It kind of stinks being in the bus but Hna cherrez and I just talk the whole time.

We had a leaders meeting in President's house for 9 hours it was the best thing ever.... FOR REALZ.. we got to his house and we got to eat breakfast and then we took a picture all the zone leaders and sister training leaders it was a all good... then after we talked about the mission in a whole, ,baptism, how we can help the mission. and then we planned the zone conference. then we talked about anger for a while and how we should never have anger.. how we cant feel the spirit when we are angry we talked about a lot of stuff and took mini self evaluation i like it and then we also ate lunch and talked and also had desert for the lunch we had a bbq i felt so american i loved it. 

You are never going to guess who walked into the chapel, HNA GABBY GOMAR! I literally started crying. Ha, yep tears dripped down my face tears of pure joy. She is my favorite person here in the whole world she has a calling in the stake so she came and talked to our ward. I was so happy to see her and she was also happy to see me. In that moment it kind of hit me how much I miss Fuertes and how it will be then when i finish my mission. There will be a lot of people that i will never see again... sad. Good thing i still have lots more time. 

MY favorite family in the ward is the Esteves family. They are so cute, they are my grandparents. They came with us to a lesson with an investigator named Francisco. We went to the lesson and all was going good then the hno Esteves wanted to share his testimony and at the end he just started going off saying before i knew about the gospel i smoked marijuana and was drunk everyday and me and my wife were going to split up and i was happy about it to get some more meat. But then the missionaries came and they shared the gospel with us. we now have 48 years together. haha i was happy to hear his testimony it was also a little funny. 

Well i love you all.

Keep me updated on your lives!

xoxo hna han 

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