Monday, March 16, 2015

This week.. and stuff..

We had intercambios this week in Roma and I got to spend the day with the cutest Hermana. Hermana Garcia! She is great! We spent the day in my area and we did work, the two of us. She is from Tijuana and is soo cool... She has been having a hard time because she is training and she just started to feel very frustrated. That night we had a good long talk and she started to cry a bit... I love being able to help Hermanas in the mission! I feel sometimes like I get to be all social like I was before. haha I don't know, I'm such a weirdo! Anyway the day was good and the next morning we caught the bus back to Roma and met back up with Hna Cherrez, my companion and Hna Swan, Hna Garcia's companion. We had to be at a district meeting at 11 and by the time we were done seeing the other Hnas study it was 10 and we hadn't eaten. We ran into a store and of corse picked the healthiest breakfast options we could, Doritos and yogurt, haha. We always buy this when we are on the road. We luckily got to the district meeting intime but our District Leader had made everyone breakfast so it was a total loss. 

This week we kind of had a disaster happen with the sink. After a long day of teaching me and my companion got back to the house to plan and made some nightly calls and then went to get ready for bed. All of a sudden i hear Hna Cherrez scream "auxillio" haha she needed help. I rushed to the bathroom and she had broken the sink pipe. There was water rushing everywhere. We called the assistants and they came to the house to help us out only they took like 30 min so we took shifts putting our finger on the pipe hole. When the assistants got to our home they just put a glove and a colored pencil in the hole pipe. It has stayed and it is still holding strong 5 days now haha. 

Today we went to libres for a zone activity. it was fun we watched Forever strong but it almost killd me because there is a part and they are running in Salt Lake and literally my heart broke. I miss Salt Lake, I miss clean streets, but at the same time I love dirty dogs and garbage in the streets of Mexico, hah. The activity was fun. We ate Chinese food and hung out as a zone. It was weird to be one on the missionaries with the most time here in the zone now. I still feel newish but i have almost a year here now. Weird stuff right? 

Love you. See you in 6 months... 

xoxo han 

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