Monday, March 2, 2015

A Long but Good Week

Well this week was long but good. I'm exhausted and haven't slept in a while...
This week we had inter cambios with the hermanas from Loreto, Hna Orgill and Hna Samano. I stayed in Loreto for the day and we worked hard. I love their area. It is so clean and they have awesome investigators. We taught a man who drinks coffee like 45 times a week. We taught him the WOW and he said he would strop drinking but then started laughing. I was like okay, want to be baptized or no? He said yes and he is going to give up the black stuff and enter into the waters of baptism.
We also had intercambios in Libres, a pueblito 3 hours from our area in bus. I honestly wanted to puke but it went well. We got there and Hna Perez and I turned around and went right back to our area to work. Ha we worked well in our area and we had a good time. Hna Perez is probably the mostly loving person on the face of the planet.
Today we played soccer as a district  I taught every one how to make arepas and then we came to down town puebla to eat italian food because Hna Cherrez is going to turn 21 this week. Gosh I love this girl.
In other news, I prayed a lot this week and read my patriarchal blessing. I started crying and I KNEW MY answer! I'm coming home in September. I think I've know for a while now but I'm happy and I love my mission. I'll write more next week.. sorry no time.
xoxo han

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