Monday, February 23, 2015

¡Todo es nuevo!

Well hello everyone soooo I had transfers EVERYTHING is really new. 

My new companions name is Hna Cherrez she is from Ecuador. She is litterally the cutest thing I have ever seen. She loves india. she keeps telling me how she wants to go the "The India" haha. She has 14 months in the mission and we are the Sister Training Leaders for the stake of Fuertes. Yep thats right... im a new STL.. I feel weird. ha but we are in charge of doing exchanges with 7 companionships. It has been a lot of fun this week we are going to go to Libres 2 hours from our house to do exzchanges with Hna Gonzales( my hija) and her companion. I am really happy because Fuertes my last ward is in the area. sooo.. im going to get to spend a day in Fuertes. I had an interview with Pres C this week and he told me he was really happy that I was a sistertraining leader. I thought I would be all stressed but I feel happy. I like it because haha I have my own cell phone I dont have to share anymore ha. also I get to help a lot of hermanas. 

The new area is called ALAMOS. its going good we are looking for a lot of new people its really fun because we both have time in the mission so when we teach I dont feel like im alone. We make a good team. The ward is smaller but I like it. I REALLY dont know how I feel yet because i only have a week there but sence we have exchanges next week im going to have to be in the area alone so I better learn it quick. The area is like pueblo its like a naborhood thing I like it so far. 

We did how ever have a little problem. We forgot to pay the water bill this week so... they cut off our lights and when we dont have light we also dont have water... soo we had to go stay with the other sisters in our ward. Oh thats right I now share a ward with sistermissionaries its fun. its diffrent but I like it. We have been staying with them for 3 nights now but today we are going to have lights so we are headed back to our home. I like our home its cute. 

on sunday night we went with these older couple to visit some investigators we found some intersting people and after they invited us over to there house for a family home evening. It was sooo cute the grandma had like the cutest night gown on. As we were all reading scriptures I felt like I was home with MA and PA BUCK. haha they are so cute but they always want to show our investigaors movies from the 80s haha

today the whole zone got permision to watch meet the mormons so we are going to the fuertes chappel to play soccer and then to watch the movie..

Ill let you know how it goes. 

ha love you all 

xoxo han

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