Saturday, February 21, 2015

Transfers, Valentines, My Birthday... What a Week!

Okay well this week was like a.. wait, I don't even have words for this week, de verdad

Well sadly Hna Ipina went home on Tuesday. It was sad but it was time, she wasn't able to work and by the end of it all she was ready to go home. It was planned that 2 Hnas would come and stay with me in Fuertes, Hna Gonzales (an American) and Hna Corral (she's from Spain). 

They ended up getting to Fuertes around 8 on Tuesday night. We brought all their bags upstairs and waited for the assistants because they were planning on coming to get the keys from their old house. As soon as they got to our apartment they start knocking hard on the door telling us to let them in. I was like whats going on... apparently there was a huge fight going on outside. We went outside to see it all go down. People were all fighting and taking off their shirts it was legit. At one point I saw a man pick up a bike and slap another guy with the bike. I was thinking I am deffs not in Utah. The assistants had to stay in our house for a while because it wasn't safe to leave because this fight was going down in our apartment patio thing. They left around 10:30 and then around 11 they called us telling us we shouldn't sleep in our home because it wasn't safe. We packed a small bag and went and stayed at a member's house that night. I felt like I was in a movie. 

The next morning we woke up and went back to our home and got a call from the assistants telling us we had to change houses. Today! Yep, on my birthday. I was kind of bummed because we had plans with all my favorite people, but you know safety first. I did however get a lot of happy birthday calls and a lot of gifts. Hna Orgill, the assistants, the secretaries, Hna Gabby, the Elders from my ward, Carlos, Montse, tons. It was nice. Also Pres C and Hna C too. Haha, I was so happy. The secretaries ended up coming over and helped us move. It took us around 4 hours on my birthday, ha. Well it was good and 3 members did give us cake. 

The next day we went and had a conference with Pres. He talked about the apostasy. It was interesting and I really learned a lot. At the conference I got to see all my friends and my daughter. She was sooo cute and she bought me a cute present and a cake. She is suck a qt pie. Also I got pumpkin bread from Hna C. The elders in my ward gave me a little coin purse with my name engraved on it. The best part is that my district leader gave me the Real Madrid jersey he owed me. This day was filled with gifts. We then had to go to the hospital for Hna Gonzales and Hna Corral. We spent the whole rest of the day there. It was a bummer but what's a girl to do. 

Friday we had a ward activity for Valentines Day. We had a ward talent show. For the talent show we as the missionaries did a skit with the ward missionaries. We sang and danced to summer lovin' from the movie "Grease". it was funny and the whole ward loved it. A girl from the primary danced to "Single Ladies", I about died it was sooo cute. 

Saturday we had to go to Hna. G and Hna C's old area because they had a baptism there. It was close to my first area Loma Florida and your never going to guess who I saw... The bishop and his family! It was sooo fun. I loved it. They kept saying "wow, we can actually understand you now"... ha, thanks I guess. 

That night when we got home we got our changes. I will be leaving fuertes. I am bummed but what can I do? That means new area and a new companion. Wish me luck I'm going to know tomorrow.

I said goodbye to a lot of people. I have loved this ward. I really felt like I made a difference. I am going to miss this ward a lot. The people, the area, and down town Puebla will always have a part of my heart.

xoxo Han 
Me with Hermana C and Hermana G

Our "Grease" number for the ward talent show

Saying goodbye to Hermana Gabby

The Real Madrid jersey I won from my DL!

Ward Valentine's party

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