Monday, February 2, 2015

The weeks are starting to feel like days to me which worries me a bit. This week was emotionally exhausting but jam packed with blessings

My Comp:
Cute little Hna. Ipina has still been feeling sick. she wasn't able to work that much this week so I would go out and work with Hna Gabby Gomar while she stayed at Gabby's house. I have been trying to get to know Hna Ipina better this week and have been asking her a lot of get to know you questions. I asked her what was one of the most rebellous things she did and she told me that one time she told her mom she was going to institute but then actually went and met up with a boy she liked. Haha, it gave me a good laugh....haha. Also this week we ate at a member's house and they have these little heart shaped pillows and my companion loves them. Ha she asked the member if they would sell them to her and then we sat there in silence for about 3 min and then they told her... ahh take the pillows. She was so happy and I was a little embarrassed but yolo, right?

I have written about Montse before. She is 14 years old and her mom is a member. Her parents are divorced and her dad is a little anti-LDS. She has been baptized in like 4 different churches and for that reason she didn't want to be baptized. However, this week we had a lesson with her. Before the lesson I had this weird impression to go look for something in my suitcase downstairs. As I was looking I found a young women's necklace. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to give it to Montse. In the lesson the spirit was strong and by the end of the lesson Montse was crying. She said, through tears, I love you guys. It was literally the most genuine thing I have ever heard. She is such a cutie pie. This made me start to cry. By the end of the closing prayer me, Hermana Gabby, Montse and her sister Ana where all crying. In the prayer we asked that she could be baptized this week, love her. She always does this kiss peace sign to me. I love it. 

Carlos is planning on being baptised this coming week but his family is very very anti. we taught a lot about following Gods will and loving God more than anything or anyone. I asked him, "Carlos do you love God more than your family" as I asked that I really got thinking who do I love more.... In the lesson with Carlos I told him that my brother got offered a spot on the UofU's lacrosse team but that my brother said " no, im going on a mission" and how he put God first. This helped Carlos because he is like so into sports. This was a grand example to me 

The African Safari:
Today for p-day we went to African Safari. It is a zoo here and all the animals are like just running wild. It was soo cool. MOM and Dad we are deffs going to go here when you come to get me. Deal, yes, please. I fufilled my dream of holding a baby lion. It was a such a great time. We went with Hna Orgill and her companion. Lets just say it was a sucess.

Love you, keep it real.
Remember, I held a baby lion.

love you

xoxo Hna HAN

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