Monday, May 25, 2015

Plastic Shoes for Puebla Rain

This week was good, ha-ha do I ever say that is was a bad week?? Its because I don’t really have bad weeks 

This week we started off with intercambios with the hermanas from Constitución, Hermana Jacobsen and Hermana Cordova. Hermana Jacobsen has around 3 months in the mission and is still in her training, I got to spend the day with her in her area and let me just tell you it was a day full of memories, maybe one of the craziest intercambios I have ever had. We started off the day contacting and going to the chapel to meet a member who was going to accompany us for the day. When we get to the chapel this hobo just starts screaming at us asking us for our water. We didn’t really know what to do so we just entered the church and then locked the gate. That made him even madder and then he just went off telling us that we only want rich people in our church and how Christ helped the poor and how we were just awful. 

We were both pretty shocked about the whole thing but with urges to use the bathroom we rushed to get to the bathroom inside. As we unlocked the chapel door all of a sudden a huge alarm goes off. We had NO idea that the church had a security system (I mean we are in México people) the alarm starts making a lot of noise and a huge scene. We quickly called the Elderes and they gave us the code. Finally all was settled.

The Hermana who came to help us (Hermana Fany) finally arrived and we went to look for a reference that the Hermanas had. We get to the references house and no joke he has ORANGE, orange hair and beard. He was also very short. He was maybe the twin of an Umpa Lumpa. He had a good heart though. We taught him a small message about our view on the trinity and the things he needs to do if he wants to know if this was all true. As we left he asked us if he could give us a hug. Ha-ha, we said sorry but no. He was sad but said he understood it was part of our ministry. We ended the night teaching a wonderful woman named Silvia. She was just about the cutest thing ever. We taught about the restoration and she accepted it wonderfully and asked us at the end of the lesson how she could know if this was true. Hermana Jacobsen put a baptismal date with her. We had great day and I feel like I have a new friend in Hermana Jacobsen. She is wonderful, she teaches with love and the spirit, and she will do great things here in Puebla. 

Later in the week we had to go to the offices to have a planning meeting with the assistants. It went well. We planned quickly and at the end I had a letter from my girl KP. I was so happy. We planned quickly so that was a good thing and I got to see 3 of my former companions: Hermana Wells, Hermana Curiel and Hermana Martinez (they are all Hermana leaders now). I was so happy to see them. We ended up rushing back to the area because we had an appointment with a less active woman. We taught her and she was just bawling the whole time about how she wants her daughter to come home and she is literally obsessed with her daughter. Her daughter left because she got married 3 years ago. I felt bad at first but then 45 min into the lesson hearing about her daughter I was like this woman needs help. We are going to go teach her this week. Wish us luck. We will need it!

The next day we had interviews as sister training leaders with President. It was a good interview. It was weird because at the end of the interview he told me. Well this will be our last interview because he is going home, how sad. Well he is leaving in around a month but it just made me so sad. He’s really such a wonderful president. On our way home from the interviews our bus almost got in a car crash. I’m not kidding we were so close to something bad but luckily our bus driver did some crazy turning twisting thing and we made it out alright. 

On Saturday we had a ward activity with the relief society. It was the bomb; seriously my ward is the best. We had breakfast and it was wonderful. I’m stoked for my ward. It has been raining here like no other. Hermana Martinez, my last companion, gave me these plastic shoes. They are seriously saving my life but now I have an awful tan line.

Sunday was all good. We will be changing chapels next week because our newly remodeled chapel is done. We are so stoked for this Sunday. The day and night was good until around 2 am when I started to feel weird and sick. Sadly but truly I have been throwing up since then.

I wasn’t going to let that get me down so today we ended up going bowling with Hermana Gonzalez (mi hija) and her companion. It was a fun day and then we went to Costco. I’m feeling a little better but lets hope that this sickness goes away soon because this week I have 2 intercambios and a bunch of other stuff.

Well I love you all more then all the dirty dogs here in Puebla!

xoxo Hermana Han

 Hermana Jensen

 La Virgen de Guadalupe

 Pizza mexicana

 Jugando el boliche con mi hija

 Los nuevos Presidentes de la Misión

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