Monday, June 22, 2015

Wow what a week that was filled with fun surprises!

Wow what a week! This week was filled with surprises. 

On Tuesday we ended up having intercambios with the Hermanas from Serdan. I got to spend the day with Hermana Villegas in my area and we had a good day. We contacted a bunch and taught some interesting lessons but all went well. We were able to work on Hermana Villegas’s development plan. She has some good goals to work on for this next transfer. She and her companion our working like crazy and they are huge examples to me! 

This week I completed 15 months in the mission and had to go to the offices for some stuff and it was so weird to see myself on the board like closeish to going home. I’m so happy that I still have 3 months left. I’m going to have to work my hardest. The best part about going to the offices was that on the way home we got in the bus and all of a sudden someone like taps me but like hard and I was like what? Who could that be? It was GABBY GOMAR haha. We luckily enough got on the same bus. She was too cute! she now has a job and is working as a teacher. She was almost crying… and me too. I love her! She’s the best! She told me that Pres C. and Hermana C. invited her over last week to have dinner at their house and how she felt really special. She told me she wanted to invite me to the dinner also. Haha, so so cute Hna Gabby. 

This week was also Father’s Day.  Happy Fathers Day Dad! I love you so so much!

In our ward we had an activity and it went well. We ate all the typical foods like pipian, mole, chicharrón, tortillas, beans and rice. Ha it was a good time. We had a family of investigators who came to the activity. They look like they have progressed but for the fact that no one in the family is married. …Law of chastity people! 

We are teaching the coolest family, the Mendez family. They seriously have 100 questions every time we teach them. This week we taught the whole Joseph Smith story and they ended up asking us how do we know that Joseph Smith wasn’t fooled by the devil when he saw the Father and the Son. I love them; seriously they are so cool. I gave their daughter a picture of Christ and she laminated it and had it hanging on the wall. 

This week we also got the transfer calls. I will be staying in the area and so will my companion. We are still going to be sister training leaders. I’m happy to stay with Hna Felipe she makes me laugh lots but tomorrow we are still going to the changes because as STLs we have to go even if we don’t have changes. Also tomorrow is the last changes before Pres. C goes home so the whole mission is invited and it should be really cool. I’m excited!

Today for p day we got up and had the normal schedule in the morning and then went and played soccer in our new chapel. Its huge! We think it will be a stake center one day. After that we went and met up with the Sanchez family and made cookies. After the cookies and all that they told us they had a gift for us. We had to close our eyes and they gave us typical shirts from Oaxaca. They are so cool! Hermana Felipe and I are going to put them on tomorrow.

Well love you all!

xoxo Hna Han 

 I love being a STL and getting to know lots of awesome Hermanas in the mission!

 Hermana Villega

 How did this happen? I am getting vieja in the mission!

 What a great surprise! I love Hermana Gaby!

Fun with the Hermanas

 Does this remind you of a scary movie?
(I'm actually hiding out in hopes of seeing a chupa-cabra!)

 Awww, this makes me miss my mommy!
BTW, the area I'm in right now is a pueblo (rural area, not Puebla)

What a cutie!

 Our chapel is this big!

 This is serious stuff!

 Cookies on P-day with our investigators, the Mendez family

The typical shirt from Oaxaca. What a nice gift from the Mendez family!

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