Monday, September 1, 2014


Well this week was full of surprises. Ha on Wednesday I got a call from the assistants...ha they told me that I am going to be a TRAINER! I was freaking out like how can I train a brand new missionary when I feel like I am still new sometimes. I think that these next two changes are going to be full of learning opportunities. Then yesterday night they told me that I am going to be training in a new area not in Loma Florida. soo yeah I am going to be training in a new area.. ha I don’t know where yet Its a surprise but  I’ll know tomorrow. ha-ha WISH ME LUCK. Ha no the truth is I am excited for this next part of my mission. I feel blessed that the Lord trusts me to train another missionary. ha changes are tomorrow and I feel like I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight. Ha seriously I’m freaking out. Well I’m gonna be okay.. 

The rest of the week was super eventful we had intercambios (splits) and I stayed in the are with Hna Alvarez she is super great she’s from Colombia and is just a party.  We had the mission activity and it was the biggest one yet ha we had a lot of our investigators come and also Celia and he daughters (an old investigator) we taught about out purpose on the earth and then we played hard. Ha we played soccer, basketball and volleyball. people here are really so competitive. One of our investigators Jesus (yep that’s his name) came and he loved the activity he has a baptismal date for next week is a bummer because I wont get to be there because I have changes but what matters most is he is making covenants with his Heavenly Father. 

On Thursday we helped a less active women paint her house sea foam green. I was thinking of Julianne the whole time. Ha ju ju. We were wearing our missionary clothes so she gave me a hospital gown to wear. Ha I’m just grateful the only time I was in a hospital gown this month was to help paint.

On Friday we had a training meeting and it was a little intimidating but yeah I know I’m gonna be okay. Ha I am one of the only Americans that is training so yea.. a lot of other great things happened this week but sadly I have no time but I love you all sooo much. Wish me luck. I’m gonna be a momma.. ha weird. 

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