Tuesday, September 23, 2014

6 Month Mark

Well my loving family and friends. I am happy to report that I am now a proud survivor of typhoid fever. Ha. Also this past week I completed 6 months in the mission. I feel like these have been some of the fastest months of my life, haha. I feel like i have changed a lot in these months but I’m still the same person also. For example… 

- I can now understand and kind of speak Spanish.
- The Book of Mormon is now a page-turner in my mind.
-"Forgetting to pray" doesn’t really happen now days
- I’m kind of a Pepsi drinker (kind of). 
- Washing my clothes in the shower is normal, ha.

Well just about everyone wants to know a little more about my comp sooo yeah. She is great, she is kind of tomboy-ish, and she is sooo funny, I asked her what is her favorite music is and she told me “black music”. She cracks me up. Before her mission she was studying music and her emphasis was piano so she isn’t tone deaf. She can like actually sing, ha. When she sings it is like pleasing to my ears. This week we decided to start running. We made a plan to run to the chapel and back. Its like 2 miles. So we start running and I could tell my comp was kind of having a hard time but we kept going and made it to the chapel. We rested for like 3 min and then started on the way back. Then my comp was all " I feel like I might die, can we please walk". So we walked home yeah but my body loved running. We are going to start doing it like everyday. There is like this super gym next to our house and its open 24/7 but its 90 bucks a month... #por quĂ© 

We also had zone conference this week. Gosh, zone conferences are such a party like always. Ha. I love, love, love them its like the homecoming of high school #don’thate. We learned how to teach with more power this week and we had like little practices. My comp is learning wicked fast how to teach. Its great to see her progress it makes me proud to be her trainer. Ha, after we ate American food all together. Yeah, American food its where its at sometimes. One of the Latin sisters told me that I had a good accent this week so I was pretty pumped about that. 

Things are going better in the area. We have like 3000 less active members so we have been working a lot with them. Also we started teaching these crazy Christians who were like trying to bible-bash us. Ha. It was pretty interesting. They believe that Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are all one person but by the end of the lesson they where thinking other wise. They told us to come back in 7 days to talk about it more. They are literally so funny. Also, we started teaching this single mom and after the lesson we were walking out and this teenager asks us if he can talk to us about our church. I was like can you ever?? Ha, for realz I’m excited to start teaching him also. 

Today we went and hung out with Hna. Dapper and we made a cake for another American sister who just had her gallbladder taken out. Pretty intense yeah but it was fun. Here are some random high lights of the week 

- A girl told me I looked liked the princess from Frozen. Ha. I think its the blonde hair.
- I heard my jam Glamorous in the bus.
- Hna. Christensen gave us cookies
- We contacted this really nice girl name Judith and we have a lesson this week.
- Conference is soon (Ha, I’m such a nerd now.) 
- My grandma told me I was her favorite grandchild, well #1 anyway (finally victory is mine) 

Also, here is a shout out to Luke and Julianne for being just about the cutest teenagers on the planet. Live it up your senior year but beee goood... 


Hermana Ruthie Babes

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