Friday, August 29, 2014

Ice Bucket Shower Challenge

This last week was good... Well all the weeks are good really.

I completed 5 months in the mission this past week! Hna. Vallencia made me a cake and we had like a little party ha. Hna. Vallencia went to the temple this last week so now she is officially an active member and no longer a less active member. Wow its crazy because 4 months ago she was a non-active member of 14 years and now she has a calling in the church, Michelle (her daughter) goes to seminary, Victor (her son) is preparing to receive the priesthood. I really am so happy for her and her family. They are one of my favorite people here. Gosh the church is sooo cool. 

This week for the mission activity we taught the members how to contact their friends and talk to them about the church in a non-threatening way. After we got a ton of referrals so that was sick. Then we played a game where you and your partner are both blindfolded and you have to feed your partner frosting. It was a total mess but tons of fun. I had frosting head to toe after the activity and tons in my hair.

This week we taught one of our investigators Sandra who has a baptism date. We needed to change her date because she didn’t come to church the last week. She got really sad when we told her this and started to cry. After she told us that the day she committed to being baptized her husband told her that he has been cheating on her for 3 months now. In the lesson we had a member named Gris with us. She ended up sharing her testimony and telling Sandra that a similar situation happened with her mother. She told us that when her mother committed to being baptized her father left her and her whole family and how her mom has been an amazing example to her throughout her whole life and how the gospel has blessed her immensely. It was really a bittersweet lesson. This week Sandra came to church and really liked it. The messages really helped her. I really want to help her the most that I can. I don’t know if I will get to see her baptism or not because cambios-transfers are next week and so I wont know if I’m leaving or staying until Saturday. Wow the time just keeps going faster and faster. 

We also had a fireside with President Christensen this week. We brought Omar and Patricia. They both really liked it. There was a great turn out between all the missionaries and their investigators. President asked me to lead the hymns. Ha like out of all the people there who know how to lead hymns he picks the only sister missionary in the world who doesn’t have a darn clue how to lead hymns. Well what can I do? I just fake it, ha. Well by the time I get home let’s hope that I will know how to lead. 

Crisis of my life... well crisis of the week we haven’t had water in the shower for around a week now... you know what that means. BUCKET SHOWERS. Yep that’s right cold bucket showers. Ha, I’ve heard about the "Ice Bucket Challenge" that the celebrities have been doing to raise money… well my shower every day is an "Ice Bucket Challenge Shower". We are hoping for water this next week but honestly what can you do? Its part of the experience, right??? 

Well love you all more then all the dirty dogs here in Mexico.


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