Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hard Work

Well honestly this week we worked really really hard but the hard work always pays off right. working hard instead of hardly working...

Well we had a family home evening with the Aragon family. Right now they still don't want to come back to church because they are mad at the members but they love me so that is good. They make clothing for a living so they gave me a pink dress this week so I was stoked about that. We ended up playing big booty with them for the family night game but changed it to Peter, Santiago y Juan. It was a good game, lots of fun.

Well I am getting along great with my new companion. She is super social so we just chat all night long. Sometimes I feel like I am in my dorm room. There is only one thing, ha, during our last companion inventory she was all like " I feel like the district likes you better" and ".. I was like, well, crap, what do I say... I was like nooo Hermana they like us all the same.. then she said... "maybe its because sometimes you wear shorter skirts... haha i almost bursted out laughing, like hunny you should have seen me before in the mission. Ha but yeah all is good. But she did say to be careful with your skirts. But then yesterday she wore a dress that didn't cover her knees because she has gained 10 kilos while being here. So now she doesn't give me crap about my "shorter skirts". She never exercises. Today I dragged her to zumba and i worked out while she sat in a corner. She doesn't mind, she just doesn't want to work out. I have to work out or I will go crazy here with all this pan and tortillas. An elder is going home in my ward so he is trying to get rid of all his stuff and he gave me this super sick jump rope with weights in it, I was super stoked. 

We were out in the street looking for new investigators and I contacted a lady and she told me that we could come back and teach her another day. When we went back to teach her we met her and her 5 kids. Well what I thought was 5 kids was actually something different. Apparently she is married to an 18 year old so yeah she has 4 kids and a confusing marriage I would say. Ha, but they all liked the first lesson and they came to church this week so its all good with me. I'm excited to see how the gospel will change their life. Yeah, but 45 year olds should not be married to 18 year olds, end of story. Its like she's in Relief Society and he's in young mens. They are going to come to the mission activity tomorrow so it should be fun to see how this all works out.

This week I got the package of hot coco mix. I got it during the district meeting and everyone was going crazy. Needless to say I shared but only a little bit. Ha, then they found out it was sugar free but they didn't mind because everything here has way to much sugar. They call agua like flavored water with sugar and if you want regular water you need to say "simple". 

Well I love you all and I'm happy to say that right now that I'm feeling pretty content in my mission.

Happy birthday mom! You are in my thoughts a lot and in all my prayers. Thank you for always being a grand example to me of someone who stands up for what she believes. You never let your beliefs change. You are one of the strongest women I know. Have a great day tomorrow on your birthday and remember your daughter in Mexico loves you more than all the dogs in the street in Mexico. I love you! 

xoxo hna hannah ruthie babes 

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