Monday, August 18, 2014

Interesting Lessons

Well this week was full of interesting lessons. Right now we have the most interesting investigators that I have had in all of my mission. One of them is a reference we got from the elders of a man named Omar. 

Anyway we went and taught this man and he is all way gung ho on the church and all. Ha, he is an interesting person. For example in the lesson we where asking him if he thinks the Book of Mormon is true and he was all like "yeah I believe its true because i know God exists because one time I was in a graveyard with a bunch of teenagers and we had a wigi board and I was telling the teenagers nothing is going to happen and then guess what, the wigi board moved". I was like oh brother, then he went on to tell us that he used to be possessed when he was younger. So we are working with him slowly but surely. At the end of the lesson he asked us how much he needed to pay to be a member of the church. He has many questions. Let's just say there is never a dull moment with Omar. 

This week for the mission activity we brought Julianne and Rosie. They are the 2 daughters of the family xoxotla (the mom that has an 18 year old husband) and we brought them to the activity and during the activity one of the daughters Julianne asked me if elder Aguilar could be her boyfriend. The daughters both have 4 boyfriends (2 for romance and 2 for money). This family has many many problems. We found out that they are like a gang family that is in our colonia. They rob, drink, smoke, do drugs and lets just say that the law of chastity is not one of their strong points. But guess what, they are children of god so we are going to keep working with them. In the lesson we straight up asked them if they wanted to change. They have desires to change so we are praying for them lots. We have good lessons with them, usually the kids laugh during the prayers but this week they where reverent so that was a high. 

We also had a lesson with one of our investigators named Jose. We explained to him the apostasy and then asked him, "in your own words what is the apostasy?" He replied by saying the marvelous and beautiful things in the Book of Mormon  I was like 'nope'. Ha, then we taught it again and this time he understood it. Needless to say the second time we taught it very simply using lots of parts of the pamphlets and photos.

We are part of the choir and our choir got invited to sing and a charla where a 70 came to speak. We got special permission from our President to come so it was legit. it was so good and the spirit was so strong and the music was even more on key so that was even better. We also had interviews with our president this week they went well. He asked me where the state of my heart is. It made me think for a while. I've been thinking about it all week. Its a good thing to ponder . 

Well lots of love,

xoxo han

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