Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Okay, first things first.  I can receive Dear Elders here in the mission.  Ha.  So far the only one that I have received was from Bishop Alder. LOL.

This week was a busy week!  It was a great one because our investigators are like actually doing the things that we ask them to do. We ask them what they learned from reading the book of Mormon and they have like real responses!  We also had to drop one of my favorite investigators this week, so that was hard.

Anywhooo, this week for the missionary activities that we put on for the ward, we taught the primer principal. Dios es nuestro amorso Padre Celestial.  We teach this principal a lot to people but it is honestly a great place to start because the reason we have this gospel is because he loves us! More than we can really even understand.  After, we played games. Ahh, I love how into the games everyone gets. We played the “eat the doughnut off the string” game and also played soccer. Then we played this game where everyone had a balloon tied to their foot and you try to pop other people’s balloons. One of the adults ended up accidentally hurting one of the kids. That’s what I mean by everyone gets really into the games. Hah.

Oh ha, this week we were walking in the street and we saw the elders in our ward playing soccer with some random children.  One of the elders passed me the soccer ball and told me to shoot.  Ha.  So I shot and after all the little kids couldn’t stop laughing because they were so surprised that I knew how to play. Now every time we see them they ask me to play street soccer with them.

This week my companion was served chicken feet! Yes, chicken feet! With the toes and everything. Okay, so what happened is we got to a members house for la comida and she asked me if I like chicken feet. I told her umm… well I actually have never eaten it before so I don’t really know. She asked me if I would like my soup with chicken feet or without.  Ha.  I said without but my companion on the other hand said with. Guys I’m not even kidding.  Seeing the chicken feet made me sick.  It’s just like the claws and everything plopped into your soup. All I can say is chicken feet should not be for the human body to consume. Now every time I see chicken I just don’t feel the same.  Save the chickens!

As I was saying, we had to drop one of our investigators, Celia, this week. It’s sad because she knows all the teachings but she just doesn’t want to keep the law of chastity. She wants to be a good example for her 3 daughters but she said that she is a woman and has needs. I’m thinking, “Honey, I’m a women also and I have been living this law my whole life.  You can do it”.  She told us that she doesn’t feel bad when she sins. Hearing that kind of broke my heart. Celia has a daughter who is 9 years old and was baptized not too long ago.  After we told her we could no longer teach her, I told her that her daughter made covenants with god, at least help her try to keep them.  Kind of harsh but yesterday she and her 3 daughters all came to church and all came on time. I don’t really know what her future holds, but I know that The Lord has a plan for her. I hope that later in her life she has the desire to change.

I have now been here 6 weeks in Mexico which is one transfer in the field which means everyone gets a call to see if tomorrow they are going to changes to get a new area or companion.  However, since I am being trained, usually you don’t go to the first changes.  Anyway on Saturday night we get a call from our district leader telling us who will be going to changes.  He says, “Elder Ellis, Elder Valis”, and then he says my name.  Instantly my whole heart sank. I was holding back tears. Then he said okay that’s all and just hung up. I was just about to have a mental break-down when he called us back and said “just kidding, you’re not going to changes”. How cruel! Dumb Elders like to play pranks on all the new missionaries.  Ha. But not funny.

Today we went to Walmart. It was so clean and nice.  Strange.  Ha.  We also went to Subway for lunch. It’s sad because going to Walmart was like the equivalent of going to Disneyland. Ha.  Sad but true.

I love you all and keep writing. Send me some Dear Elders if you want.

xoxo hna han 

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