Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Strange Stuff

I would just like to start out this letter by giving my good friend KP a shout out. Thank you so much for my first real letter while here in Mexico! (ps hand written letters are way quicker than Dear Elders and also much more fun) 

This week a lot of really strange things happened. Let me just say I was laughing the whole week long. Here is some of the strange and weird stuff from the week...

-This week after it had been raining my companion stepped in a puddle which was actually a sewer hole. She fell in but she was okay. She started busting up laughing which was good because I did also and I wouldn't have wanted to have been laughing at her pain. Only 3 little kids and a grandpa saw so she still has her dignity. 

-We received a reference from the Elders. It was for a less active member named Victor. When we went to visit him he told us that he didn't have time to talk to us but then continued to talk with us at his doorway for 40 minutes. He actually did all the talking. Then he started picking up rocks and started making up all these metaphors about how Christ is our rock. After he told us that he was called to be the Bishop but that he turned it down for his family. Anywho, we teach him this week so it should be interesting.

- One of our investigators offered us chocolate cigarets, yep.

-One of the members gave us mugs that say coffee on them. Yep, again. Looks like we need to teach the word of wisdom.

- A hobo came to our sacrament meeting this week. This random man in a torn up sweat shirt and sweatpants just came in carrying a bag of raw meat and a sprite. He stood up and said "NOW ARE THE LATTER DAYS". Then he sat down and was silent for the rest of the meeting. After the meeting however when he stood up his sweat pants were very very low and he pretty much flashed the whole congregation. lol.

- Also during sacrament the bishop mentioned Martin Luther King Junior in his talk because he was quoting him and I leaned over and asked my companion if she knew who MLK was. She replied by saying "I know that he helped reform the Catholic church. lol, close... 

The highlight was that choir started this week.  Hmmm, how do I put this... A lot of people here have never heard the hymns with a piano or in the right tune at all so choir was quite the ordeal. They had an Hermano from the stake who does know how to play the piano come and help us. He split us up into parts. Let me tell you we could hardly all sing the right tune in the melody and singing parts was a whole different thing. He had the bishop sing a solo part so he could teach him the tune. Uh the poor bishop was so off tune that after the whole choir just burst out laughing. I love my ward. 

The low part however was that I diagnosed myself with perrophobia (fear of dogs) because this week I was attacked by a dirty mutt. Let me explain. On Saturday I was just walking down the street getting ready to preach the gospel and swinging my arms when all of a sudden this dog pops out of nowhere and started to bite my arm and hand. At one point my whole hand was in his mouth. As quickly as I could I ran away but but my hand was killing me. We headed to the pharmacy that is owned by a member and she fixed me all up. My hand isn't horrible just some cuts and scrapes from the teeth but all should be good in no time. We do have to go talk to the owner of the dog and make sure he doesn't have rabies so that should be fun. Dumb dogs. 

Honestly this whole week I just kept thinking "what the heck just happened". 

On a more spiritual note one of our investigators needed some help in the morning during the time that we usually work out. So we had to skip working out. I was so mad thinking "ugh this is really the only 'me' time i get every day". However after I thought about how selfish that sounded and how its not my time right now, its the Lord's time. After we helped her I felt so much better. I had joy in my heart. That's what service does for you. When we got back to our house and as I was saying my morning prayers I repented for my earlier negative thoughts. That's the beauty of repentance. We have the opportunity to change and progress and get better every day. Many times we think repentance is only for the giant sins. Yes, it can be used for that but also it can be used for the little everyday negative thoughts. Its for the saint and the sinner. I've seen a change in my life though daily repentance. None of us are perfect but through the atonement we have the opportunity to be better. Don't take it for granted. 

I apologize if this letter is so all over the place but honestly thats how this week was. 

Much love,
xoxo Hna. Han 

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