Monday, June 16, 2014

Focusing on the ups

This week… well we had some ups and downs.  I just like to focus on the ups.
We received 2 more missionaries in our ward. They are both American: Elder Hubert, who has 21 months in the mission, and Elder Stephens, who is brand new.  So Loma Florida now has 6 missionaries. I was glad we received a brand new Elder because now they ask him to say the prayer in every meeting, opening and closing, and not me.  But prayer brings blessings, so pray.

For the activity this week we planned it again. Surprise, surprise, we taught about how the Gospel blesses families. This is one of my favorite things to teach because I have seen first-hand how the gospel can bring a broken family together.  It is also a hard thing to teach because it makes you think of your family who may or may not be living in a different country at the moment.  After we had the games, we just brought the rope that we usually dry our clothes on and used it to play jump rope. It was a hit. One of our investigators Estephanie was late to the activity. When i asked her why she was late, she replied by saying she went and stopped and bought us cupcakes. She is so great. With her I really had to love her first before I could start teaching her effectively.

The world cup started this week so and it was a mad-house here. Our investigators were like planning the next time we could visit them around the game schedule. In the streets and in all of the shops people were watching the games, so we pretty much know what’s going on. Mexico won their first game so yeah, go Mexico!  They play Brazil on Wednesday so hopefully we get some lessons in on that day. lol

This week the Steak had a dance for all the young single adults so we invited all of our investigators and less active members that fit into that category. One of the less active members is a guy named Johnathan. We were really excited when the bishop called us saying that he stopped by and saw Johnathan there and it looked like he was having a good time. On the other hand we were kind of concerned when the next morning we got a call from Johnathan’s mom asking what time the dance ended. Ha ha, the question of the day was, “where is Johnathan??”  That night we had a family home evening at Johnathan’s house and he was there and all was fine. I don’t really know what went down but I think it’s safe to say that Johnathan had a good time at the YSA dance.

Random tid-bit of this week, I saw a man cooking a hamburger with a hairdryer in the street. So there’s that...
Oh yeah and a happy Father’s Day to all the padres out there. I hope your day was filled with breakfast in bed and hugs from your kiddos. Here is a cyber-hug. Love you all.

xoxo hna han

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