Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"The American"

Well last Monday I forgot my camera memory gadget at the Internet place where we always write letters. This internet place isn’t in our area so we asked the zone leaders if they could stop by and get it when they had the time. They told me that when they ended up going to the place the lady that owns the Internet “lugar” was looking through all my photos. They asked her if she had seen a memory left by two girls with the same plaques as them. She said " oh yeah let me just look for it" then she pretended to look for it. With her other hand she grabbed my memory out of her computer and was all “oh yeah, found it". Ha, I have no idea why she was looking through all my photos but if she ever gets baptized I’d like to say I played a part in it. 

Ahh the 4th of July was this week. Don’t you worry I still repped my country hard core. When I woke up I sang all the America songs that I knew to my companion. I wore red white and blue and my socks that say USA. For breakfast I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So yeah, I might be in México but i will never forget about the land of the free and the home of the brave! GOD BLESS AMERICA. Later that day we were at a cita (appointment) with the Aragon family (a less active family) and they asked me if honestly life was better in America or here in México. I just laughed and said that you really couldn’t compare it because its so different. I honestly don’t know the answer to that question though. I think we have a lot of things in America that we could do without but at the same time I think that México needs to learn the importance of the toilet seat. 

Right now all of the kids here are just getting out of school so we see a lot more teenagers now. The other day we were waiting in the combi (like little taxi busses) and these two teenagers sat next to me. They were obviously an item because they just started totally making our right next to me.. they stopped for a minute, but only to ask me if I wouldn’t mind scooting over. I should have handed them a chastity pamphlet, but instead I just scooted over and they just kept on making out. … #notafanofPDA 

This week we had to go to the mission offices because my companion had to take her English exam. When we got there I see that one of the assistants to the president has like all these bandages on his nose so naturally I asked what happened to his nose. All of the secratarios started laughing and continued to tell me that a nose job was a perk of being the assistant to the president. The poor Elder just gets made fun of every day and he also cant shower so President Christensen gave him baby wipes. lol. While we where also in the offices Hermana Christensen had a bag for me of stuff that said Hermana Ramirez the American. Now everyone is going to start calling me that "the American". Whatever, I love America. 

This Sunday was a great one. In the morning meeting we have with all the leaders of the ward we started planning ward conference. Ward conference here is the bomb because they have like an event everyday leading up to the conference on Sunday. We are planning like lots of games and stuff. I hope I will still be in this area for the ward conference because its the same week as cambios so I really don’t know. For sure I have to go to cambios to get a new companion but I’m hoping that I get to stay in this ward. 

Also this Sunday we had 5 investigators in church and Stephanie (an investigator) said the opening prayer in sacrament meeting. she did such a great job. Also we had 13 less active members in sacrament meeting. There were 85 people in sacrament this week. Its the most I have ever seen. It was also fast and testimony meeting this week and I felt the whole time that I should stand up and bear my testimony. I was really scared though because I was thinking ahhh, I don’t know what i would say. Then I just stood up and did it and went to the front and started speaking. The bishop said " we where waiting for you to speak". Haha, he’s a funny guy. I’m sure I made a million mistakes in Spanish but honestly I could feel the spirit thoughout my whole body when I sat back down. Sometimes its hard for me to feel the spirit because I’m just focusing so much on what the people are actually saying. But yesterday I felt it and it was so strong. I’m so grateful for this experience, I am so grateful to be here, and I’m so grateful for all of you. 

You guys are in my thoughts and my prayers.

love you muchly 

xoxo hna han 

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  1. I love muchisimo everyb single entry oh this blog. Love your experiences Hannah, And how you express them! ! Viva Mexico! Viva la mision!