Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Muchos milagros

Sooo, this week has been a good one but really what week hasn't been a good one?? We have been able to see so many milagros with all of or investigators, seriously. We now have 8 people who are wanting to be baptized and 6 of them have baptismal dates. This a good way to finish the mission strong. 

We taught Oscar and his daughter Jenny. They finally opened up to us about telling us that they want to be baptized but they have some family fears because their family is very very catholic. They came to church and fasted this week and they are really trying to do whats right.

We have been teaching Samantha non-stop because she is getting baptized this week. On the way to her house we were getting all ready to teach her tithing and chastity. When we got there we asked her what these two commandments were she explained them so well. I told my companion, okay I think we can end with a prayer now because she knows it all. We had a good laugh and then taught the lesson. Samantha also went to the temple this week. She told us she about cried in the sealing room. She told me she is going to get married there one day. I told her I am too. 

We found a new family this week of 3 and they are awesome. We taught them and they all have baptism dates and they all came to church. They are like so awesome. I wish i could explain more how they are but its hard to do it over email. I'll have to explain more next week. 

Today i went to Loma Florida and I don't have words to explain how I felt. It was like I was in my house. The people still love me haha. Is that bad to say? I love that little pueblo like no other. I can't wait to be able to show my whole family what its like. I got to see the Valencia family they are all good. They made us my favorite quesadillas. then we went and visited the Mendez family and we had cake with them. They told me that my spanish has gotten a lot better; I sure hope so since I was there over a year ago

Well folks, love you all and I will see you next week!

xoxo Hermana Han

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