Monday, August 31, 2015

Last week's events


In the morning we had to go to downtown Puebla because my companion had an appointment. As we walked i couldn't help but remember all the things that have happened here in Puebla. Ahh people are starting to get ready for 15 de september, their holiday. Its gonna be huge, so many Mexican dresses. I think im going to buy one to go home in. After we went to the appointment we headed over to lunch. We ate with the bishop's wife. It was really nice. She told us about her conversion story. This woman is such an example to me, so strong and determined to follow God.  The rest of the day we spent teaching. One of our investigators told us that there isn't anything keeping him from going to church but also nothing that motivates him. We are going to stop teaching him, I think. After some lessons we got invited to a FHE with Hna. Tin. It was really nice. We talked about the temple. After she gave us hot dogs because she said she wanted to give us something we eat at home.. haha. 


We taught Samantha and she read 3 Nephi 11 last time for her assignment and she explained it to us perfectly. She is so awesome, I love her. She told us that she is feeling a little nervous about her baptism but that she is feeling good. I feel the spirit so strongly whenever I am with her. Meeting her has strengthened my testimony so much that God really prepares people. After we got one of the less active teenagers to come and do visits with us all day. She was so cute. She told us that she wants to get her YW award. We ended up having some good lessons while she was with us. She shared her testimony. she hadn't come to church in a year but she came, yayaya. 


We had zone conference. It went well, lots of learning and things were all going good and then all of a sudden my companion started to feel really sick. I looked over at here and her eyes were red and her lips were blue. We went and talked to President Nelson. He gave her a blessing and she stayed in the office for the rest of the conference. We had the testimony part for the missionaries that are leaving so I got to share mine. It was nice. After that Pres Nelson and Hna Nelson gave us a ride to our house so that we could pick up some clothes because they said we could come spend the night at their house.

My night at President's house.

My comp went upstairs and went to bed. I ended up having dinner with Pres. and his wife. It was nice, we had a lot of chatting and it was fun. I ended up talking to Hna Nelson until 10:30pm. It went well, she is really so real and awesome. The next day Hna. Nelson and I studied Spanish together and then I went out and worked with the sister missionaries who lived close by.  It was nice. I spent the day with Hna Jensen. We taught a woman who told us that God told her she needs to buy the lottery ticket number 10. Sounds like apostasy but whatever. 

Stephanie, a girl we taught and was baptized from Loma Florida came and surprised me. She gave me a teddy bear. Who knows how im going to bring that home but we will see. After we ate with some of my favorite members, Patty and Abelardo. So awesome.


I got to visit Fuertes today. I hung out with the same old group. We played soccer and then Gabby, Carlos, my companion and I went and hit the town of Fuertes. Its so crazy how I have made so many close friends here. I'm going to miss them like crazy when I leave. 

See you soon!

xoxo han 

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